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Knowledge is Power: ChildCount+, mHealth in Tanzania

Collecting data is difficult. Collecting data in low resource settings is even more difficult. In my epidemiology courses, I have the luxury of generating correlation coefficients and p-values with cleaned, robust data sets. I was oblivious, however, to the process of getting information into this organized and beautifully coded package. That is until I was… read more

by |February 16, 2011

Using Mobile Phones to Help Prevent HIV Transmission to Children

By Casey Iiams-Hauser and Yanis Ben Amor
HIV infection in children occurs most often during pregnancy and labor or post-natally during breastfeeding. While new HIV infections among children have declined since 2002, a staggering 430,000 children were infected in 2008…

by |November 9, 2010

EI Exhibits Wares at mHealth Summit in Washington

From November 8-10, more than 2000 attendees will come together at the 2010 mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C. to explore the many ways in which mobile technology is being leveraged to improve the health and well-being of millions of people through the world. Over 175 experts and leaders are scheduled to speak, with special Keynote… read more

by |November 7, 2010