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australia fires satellite imagery

Bushfires in Australia Continue to Devastate New Zealand Glaciers

Smoke and ash from Australia’s devastating fires pose a significant threat to New Zealand’s glaciers.

by |January 7, 2020

Sustainability Certification in Aquaculture: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

Should we certify aquaculture? A look at mounting challenges in the push for sustainable seafood.

by |October 3, 2013

Keeping America Competitive by Sparking Curiosity in the Classroom

To keep America competitive in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the STEM disciplines), a report from the National Academy of Sciences calls for strengthening the skills of some 250,000 teachers across the United States through university-run science training programs. The report asserts that when teachers gain laboratory experience and conduct fieldwork alongside active researchers, they become more effective and passionate educators in the classroom.

by |April 28, 2011