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Jumbo Valley Wilderness Protected as Land Management Case Comes to a Close

A land management dispute in Canada that has played out over 30 years has ended in major victory for the Ktunaxa Nation.

by |June 3, 2020

Where Trees Meet Tundra, Decoding Signals of Climate Change

In northern Alaska’s Brooks Range, the earth as most of us know it comes to an end. The northern tree line-a boundary that circles all of earth’s northern landmasses for more than 8,300 miles, and forms the planet’s biggest ecological transition zone–runs through here. Scientists from Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory are studying how climate may change it, and the tundra beyond.

by |November 16, 2016

New York, New Orleans, Charlottetown and Everywhere Else

The disaster in New Orleans was almost uniquely awful in modern American history. But even if Katrina isn’t likely to happen everywhere, something can happen almost anywhere—including, we now know, New York. And further to the north and east.

Twin Otter, Arctic Switchyard

Under Arctic Ice: Watch the Video

The video depicts the activities of the LDEO Switchyard field team, which deploys annually and uses ski-equipped aircraft to reach a series of sample sites between the North Pole and Ellesmere Island in Canada.

by |May 24, 2012

Can Canadian Water Slake America’s Need for Power?

At a time when the world is abuzz with talk of reducing carbon dioxide emissions to stem the tide of climate change, Canada’s surfeit of hydropower production appears an attractive option to people south of the border who still rely on fossil fuel-generated electricity.

by |September 23, 2011

Canadian Boreal: Protecting Today’s Water for Tomorrow

Canada’s Boreal forest is far from the public eye, but it contains 25 percent of the world’s wetlands.

by |August 5, 2011