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Is Water-banking the Key to California’s Water Woes?

It’s been a bad stretch of years for farmers in California…and things don’t look like they will be getting better any time soon. Three years of consecutive drought in the state have ravaged the agricultural industry, leading Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to declare a state of emergency. The announcement was accompanied by pleas for municipalities to… read more

by |March 20, 2009

What Do You Pay for Water?

In the US we spend on average $3.75 for every 1,000 gallons. However, averages are misleading –  prices range from $1.30 in Phoenix to over $7.70 in Columbus Ohio. This map below shows relative pricing for the 30 largest US municipalities. Take a look at Florida (Miami $1.60) compared to the relatively water rich east… read more

by |March 6, 2009