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Automation and Public Policy

We need to develop public policies designed to deal with the impact of automation on people.

by |December 30, 2019

New York City and the Brain-Based Economy

We need fresh thinking and creative problem solving to generate the revenues, programs and institutions that will continue New York’s tradition of opportunity coupled with compassion and a measure of equity.

by |December 9, 2019

Sustainability, the New Economy and Lifelong Learning

As the economy demands new knowledge and as professionals seek to meet those needs, new forms of formal education and non-degree training will be required. It is the civic responsibility of America’s best universities to learn how to meet these needs.

by |November 27, 2017

The Importance of Immigration to American Independence

America didn’t declare independence in 1776 to hide from the world, but to establish a free society. A positive, welcoming approach to immigration is a key part of our relationship with the global economy.

by |July 3, 2017

Education and Sustainability

o many different types of skills are needed to transition to the renewable economy, some element of our educational process should be devoted to identifying what children like to do and what they are good at. Those may not be the same thing, and it is important for people to identify the useful skills they possess.

by |February 22, 2016

A Sustainable Lifestyle and the Changing Nature of Work

In the process of changing the economic role of the city, we need to pay more attention to the impact of our production and consumption on the environment and on all elements of the supply chain that bring goods and services to us. Building systems that reduce environmental impacts is more important than individual consumption patterns.

by |January 11, 2016