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Tapped: Earth Week Water Documentary/Give Away/Town Hall at Teacher’s College

The documentary film Tapped will be screened on Wednesday, April 21, sponsored by the Program in Social Studies and the Teacher’s College Go Green Committee. But it won’t just be a film showing – it’s a whole event designed to entertain, inspire and mobilize students and the public around drinking water. Look at your hand. Is it holding a plastic water bottle? After next Wednesday, it doesn’t need to be.

by |April 14, 2010

Run for Water with CWC in Earth Week event

Students and non-students alike are invited to join the Columbia Water Center in a run to raise awareness and funds for clean water, at the Dow Live Earth Run For Water on April 18.

by |April 8, 2010

“Ethical” Bottled Water Companies

As much as the bottled water debate grows, it seems unlikely that any time in the near future, bottled water use will dramatically drop or stop altogether.  The convenience of it and the lack of availability of water fountains and tap water when we might need it will continue to lead us to buy that… read more

by |August 11, 2009

What is “it” about bottled water?

Recently, in a discussion about bottled water, my colleague stated, “I’ve heard this argument before – it’s the bottle, not the water, that’s the problem.  Would these people be happier if the bottle was made from recycled glass?”   As one of “these people” who are troubled by bottled water (and in spite of the disparaging remark,… read more

by |June 5, 2009

NYS agencies phasing out bottled water

On March 10th Ju Young posted an extremely informative entry on bottled water, “Do you still drink bottled water?” The message to cut down on bottled water is still big in advertising, environmental groups, the media, politics, and just about everywhere else. It’s also an ongoing topic of discussion in the Water Center offices. In… read more

by |May 8, 2009

Do you still drink bottled water?

For most of the readers of this post, the issue of bottled water might not be entirely new. Surely there has been rising awareness and alarming voice about the downsides of bottled water. However, the market is undeniably still growing. Bottled water market is growing on a global scale and, especially in the U.S., the volume is unparalleled-total 8.8 billion gallons, which is 29 gallons per person (in 2007). In the U.S., bottled water has been the second largest commercial beverage category by volume, next to carbonated soft drinks. So I summarized the problems of bottled water again and suggested some recommendations in this post.

by |March 10, 2009