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A Conversation With a Coronavirus

A biology professor shows us the virus’s perspective on the pandemic.

by Robert Pollack |April 27, 2020

The Otherworldly and Elusive Life Beneath Antarctica’s Ice

While renowned for the penguins, Antarctica is perhaps equally well known for what it doesn’t have: basically, anything else. But scientist Steven Chown says the view that the icy continent lacks life is “simply not true.”

by |June 29, 2015

What Lies Beneath Arctic Ice?

On Thursday we lowered a camera into an ice borehole to get a look at the underside of the ice. In the following video, you can clearly see the algae living in the bottom of the ice due to their pigments, which they use to harvest light.

by |May 19, 2013

Scientists Discover New Species of Monkey

In a gigantic and remote rainforest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a team of scientists have discovered a new species of Old World monkey known as the “Lesula.”

by |September 21, 2012

Katherine Pollard: What Makes Us Human?

For the past six years Katherine Pollard has been working with the Chimpanzee Sequencing and Analysis Consortium comparing the genes of chimps and humans in order to more fully understand how the human genome has evolved. Using the software she created to study genomic data, Pollard was able to identify the areas of the human… read more

by |October 22, 2009