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Changing Household Behavior to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Actions by individuals and households to reduce carbon-based energy consumption have the potential to change the picture of U.S. energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the near term by integrating insights from the behavioral and social sciences.

by |January 10, 2013

The Male Seahorse – Supermom?

The term, male-pregnancy, may seem to border on oxymoronic, but seahorses will prove to you otherwise.

by |September 16, 2011

Wondrous Wildlife of The Week – The Pebble Toad

Organisms in the natural world are constantly striving to avoid predation. Some prey depend on morphological characters to outsmart a worthy predator, utilizing camouflage or mimicry to avoid detection; others must engage in battle, relying on agility or strength. The Venezuela pebble toad, however, has an extremely peculiar defense mechanism: it rolls itself into the shape of a rock and bounces haphazardly down a hill.

by |September 9, 2011

Lend me a Helping Trunk

Researchers at the University of Cambridge recently found that elephants understand and can display complex levels of cooperation to reach a common goal.

by |March 9, 2011