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Program Backs Start-up Competition at Dhaka University

The Sustainable Development program at the Earth Institute is helping to sponsor a start-up competition for students at Dhaka University in Bangladesh.

by |September 29, 2015

Battling ‘the Largest Mass Poisoning in History’

As many as one in five deaths in Bangladesh may be tied to naturally occurring arsenic in the drinking water; it is the epicenter of a worldwide problem that is affecting tens of millions of people. For two decades, health specialists and earth scientists from Columbia University have been trying to understand the problem, and how to solve it.

H. James Simpson; Tracked Pollutants in the Hudson and Far Beyond

H. James Simpson, a geochemist who pioneered important studies of water pollutants in the Hudson River and abroad, died May 10. He had been affiliated with Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory for 50 years. The cause was Parkinson’s disease, said his family; he was 72.

by |May 26, 2015

Working in the Bangladeshi Countryside

After traveling by boat for two days, including crossing the Sundarban Mangrove Forest, we finally arrived in Khulna. We drove to the site of our compaction meter and separated into teams servicing the instruments, investigating agricultural practices, measuring arsenic in the well water and taking sediment samples for dating. We had finally started our work in rural Bangladesh.

by |March 20, 2015

AGU 2014: Key Events from The Earth Institute

Scientists at Columbia University’s Earth Institute will present important talks at the Dec. 15-19 meeting of the American Geophysical Union, the world’s largest gathering of earth and space scientists. Here is a journalists’ guide in rough chronological order.

by |December 3, 2014
well installation in Bangladesh

Investigating Water Quality and Arsenic in Bangladesh

Postcard from the Field: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory graduate student Rajib Mozumder, who works with Lamont scientists Lex van Geen and Ben Bostick, has spent part of his summer drilling water wells and collecting samples in Bangladesh.

by |July 30, 2014

Lurking Under Bangladesh: The Next Great Earthquake?

Beneath Bangladesh: The Next Great Earthquake? from Earth Institute on Vimeo. After the recent great quakes that have swept away entire coastlines and cities in Japan, Haiti and Sumatra, scientists are now looking hard at the nation that may suffer the gravest threat of all: Bangladesh. A new documentary from the Earth Institute follows seismologists as they trace signs of… read more

by |July 13, 2011

At Bhandarkote, Khulna, the second site

Today we started working on the new site.  Bhandarkote is a small village outside of Khulna, the third largest city in Bangladesh.  The site is on a dirt road at the family home of a student from Khulna University.  It a pretty remote rural place about 25 minutes off the main road through small country… read more

by |March 5, 2011

Addressing South Asia’s Urgent Global Issues Through Sustainable Development

As the world’s leading academic center addressing the practical challenges of sustainable development, the Earth Institute is building a formal presence in South Asia through the Columbia Global Center/South Asia.  The center, established by Columbia University, joins centers already in place in Europe, the Middle-East, and East Asia. Under the leadership of Founding Director Dr…. read more

by |May 27, 2010

Communities Participate to Lower Arsenic Exposure More Effectively in Bangladesh

There are more than 30 million people in Bangladesh at risk from arsenic contaminated water, which can cause health problems including thickening and hardening of the hands and feet, skin cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, vascular disease leading to gangrene, and diabetes. Columbia University scientists from the Mailman School of Public Health and Lamont-Doherty Earth… read more

by |May 25, 2010