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Aquanaut Summer Interns Dive Deeper into Research

This summer, the Columbia Water Center Aquanaut interns addressed a variety of water-related questions affecting the United States, with funding and guidance provided by Veolia Foundation, Veolia Water and members of Growing Blue. Nelson Dove, Christine Wen, Mary Williams, Christopher Economides and Daniel Shi were selected to expand the repertoire of data-driven tools the Columbia Water Center is developing which are making an impact on the water crisis experienced both here and around the world.

by |September 11, 2013

Student ‘Aquanauts’ to Tackle Water Issues

“We would like to take on international problems, problems of development, problems in the United States, but have them done with academic content and interest. Instead of people being sent to random places, we would take engineering companies that have an interest in a particular region in solving a problem, and they would bring the problem to the students.”

by |March 22, 2012