AAAS 2013 Archives - State of the Planet

Cynthia Rosenzweig, GISS, Paul Ehrlich, AAAS 2013

Making Sense of Climate’s Impact on Food Security

From warmer temperatures to natural disasters such as flooding and drought, changing patterns of climate are having billion-dollar impacts on our food-growing systems. But scientists are struggling to find ways to measure and predict what may happen in the future—and to translate that into policies to help feed a bulging world population.

by |February 17, 2013
Richard Seager, AAAS 2013

Extreme Weather Adds Up to Troubling Future

Extreme weather and climate-related events already have cost the United States billions of dollars. A recent symposium focused on what we know about the causes and how changing climate affects agriculture, water supplies, wildlife and our economy.

by |February 15, 2013

Decision Making Under Uncertainty at AAAS

Researchers from the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions will participate in a poster session featuring the work of each center funded under the National Science Foundation’s “Decision Making Under Uncertainty” grant. Nada Petrovic and Lisa Zaval will present the poster “What’s in a frame when it comes to fossil fuels: Does health matter more than climate change?” and Matt Sisco will present the poster “Why do people care about sea lions? A fishing game to study the value of endangered species.”

by |February 15, 2013