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empty streets of washington dc

Inadequate COVID-19 Response Likely Resulted in 130,000 – 210,000 Avoidable Deaths

A new report finds American lives could have been saved if U.S. government response had followed international best practices.

by |October 22, 2020

How a Turbulent Environment Sparked a Leap in Early Human Behavior

A new study suggests that a series of environmental changes in East Africa some 320,000 years ago challenged a previous long-standing way of life for proto-humans, and produced a more adaptable culture.

by |October 21, 2020
Researchers standing on a dirty glacier

How Might This Year’s Forest Fires Impact Glaciers in the West?

Glaciologist Mauri Pelto shares his first-hand observations and knowledge about how ash from the fires could impact this important resource.

by |October 21, 2020
Decorative banner for the Earth Institute Postdoctoral Research Program

Last Chance to Apply to the 2021 Interdisciplinary Postdoc Program

The Earth Institute Postdoctoral Research program is the premier program in the world for those dedicated to advancing the understanding of critical scientific and social issues in sustainable development.

by |October 21, 2020
Mountain range from above with light snow dusting on top

Hindu Kush Himalaya Nations Vow to Protect Mountains in Recent Summit

Eight nations convened to promote sustainable actions in the Hindu Kush Himalayas, a powerful move amid political struggles.

by Abby Meola and Lily Roberts |October 20, 2020

Break Codes, Solve Puzzles and Learn About Science in This Interactive Game

A new “escape room–like” game for kids and families offers a fun and puzzle-filled way to explore the discoveries taking place at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

by |October 19, 2020

Defining and Measuring Sustainability

An organization’s environmental performance and efforts to be good places to work and have a positive social impact are three separate concepts that should have three distinct sets of measures.

by |October 19, 2020

Pod of the Planet Ep. 11: Lamont’s Open House Goes Virtual

In this episode Marie DeNoia Aronsohn talks with Maureen Raymo, the interim director of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, on her vision for the institution.

by |October 18, 2020
glacier in svalbard

Video Projected on Glacier Beckons Worldwide Climate Action

Youth and Greenpeace activists projected a video onto a glacier in Svalbard, following a trend of using glaciers to call attention to the climate emergency.

by |October 15, 2020

Scientists Harness Satellites to Track Algae Growth on Greenland Ice Sheet

To measure algal blooms across large regions of the Greenland ice, and understand their effects on melting over time, scientists are turning to space.

by |October 15, 2020