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people waiting in line outside a supermarket

What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Sustainability

A student examines the parallels between what this virus is doing to us and what we’ve been doing to our planet.

by Daryush Nourbaha |April 23, 2020
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Covering the Pandemic: Photographers on the Frontlines

A recent webinar discussed why photo journalists are risking their lives for their work, and how they’re adjusting to the challenges of covering COVID-19.

by |April 23, 2020
fruit in a market in kenya

COVID-19 Disruptions: Understanding Food Security Implications

The pandemic will test our food and trade systems in ways never experienced before. Food security research Michael Puma helps unravel the complex interplay of risks.

by |April 22, 2020

A Study Looks at How to Disinfect Your Mask at Home

It also compares the effectiveness of medical-grade masks with homemade ones, and tests the feasibility of improving masks with homemade nose clips.

by Roland Yan, Steve Chillrud, Debra Magadini and Beizhan Yan |April 21, 2020

New Data Suggest COVID-19 Is Shifting the Burden of Energy Costs to Households

Apartment-level electricity use has increased under New York’s stay-at-home order. It could make matters worse for households already struggling economically.

by Christoph J. Meinrenken, Vijay Modi, Kathleen R. McKeown and Patricia J. Culligan |April 21, 2020

My Neighborhood and Coronavirus, a Month Later

Scenes from an Upper West Side neighborhood in the grip of the pandemic.

by |April 20, 2020
girl on video call

Absent: Prioritizing Recovery for Our Nation’s Schools

COVID-19 is exacerbating some of education’s long-neglected social issues and inequalities.

by Joshua L. DeVincenzo |April 20, 2020

Social Distance, Sustainable Cities and Building Public Health Capacity

The return to a normal way of life and to renewing our push toward sustainable cities requires that we develop an apolitical, science-driven public health capacity.

by |April 20, 2020

Earth Day: How to Celebrate While You’re Sheltering in Place

There are many ways to get involved, take action, or simply marvel at the beauty of our planet, all without leaving your home or neighborhood.

by |April 17, 2020
jully reading in front of window

How Earth Institute Experts De-Stress Under Lockdown

From knitting to yoga and chocolate chip cookies, here’s how some of our team members are taking their minds off the pandemic.

by |April 16, 2020