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What Will the Weather Be After Coronavirus?

Pollution is going down, but temperatures could still rise. Here’s why.

by Marco Tedesco |June 5, 2020

Going Back ‘Home’ in the Time of Coronavirus

An international student recounts her experience of trying to return home while borders were closing due to the pandemic.

by Emma Liu |June 5, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic at Age 31 Versus 67

A graduate student shares her experience of trying to protect the people around her.

by Rina Phua |June 4, 2020
women in front of ambulance with sign

How African Feminists Are Sustaining Peace in a Pandemic

Women grassroots activists share their strategies.

by Meredith Forsyth |June 3, 2020

Mass Media World, Social Media World and the Real World

In the world outside of the mass and social media, we can have a reasoned, and even emotional argument about what we should do about the situation we are in.

by |June 1, 2020
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Report Outlines Path to Safe Reopening During COVID-19

The guide calls for a significant up-scaling of testing to determine when people can return to work safely, and says that businesses will have to fundamentally change how they do things.

by Elise Gout |May 29, 2020
black smoke from a smokestack

Coronavirus Has a Strong Ally: Pollution

Research suggests that even a small increase in long-term exposure to fine particles leads to an increase in the mortality rate of up to 8 percent.

by Marco Tedesco |May 29, 2020
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The Virus and the Cyclone: The Tragedy in India and Bangladesh is Double

More than four million people have been forced to abandon their homes and reach emergency shelters, increasing the risk of contagion.

by Marco Tedesco |May 28, 2020
Community supervision of mineral prospecting in Tsumkwe District West, Namibia

Land Investments During COVID-19: The Hazards of Pressing on Without Community Participation

Companies are seeking to press ahead with investments on community lands or even take advantage of the pandemic to avoid the usual authorization requirements.

by Sam Szoke-Burke |May 28, 2020
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It Takes a Village to Teach a Child

During the pandemic and beyond, we should tap into the skills and knowledge of community members for our kids’ education and enrichment.

by Radhika Iyengar |May 28, 2020