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Create Your Own Earth Day Poem With ‘Earth Stanzas’

The interactive website uses poetry to show the beauty, depth, and interconnectedness of the planet, and makes it easy for you to compose your own poem.

by Shannon Smith |April 22, 2020

GlacierHub Writers and Editors Share What Earth Day Means to Them

They also give some reading recommendations for Earth Day.

by |April 22, 2020
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Why We Celebrate Earth Day

On Earth Day and every day, the Earth Institute works to understand and protect our planet.

by |April 22, 2020

My Neighborhood and Coronavirus, a Month Later

Scenes from an Upper West Side neighborhood in the grip of the pandemic.

by |April 20, 2020
Shepherds herd sheep on horseback in Uruguay

Beautiful Planet: Earth Institute Photos From Around the Globe

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. To celebrate, we’re sharing images of places and projects around the world that highlight our planet’s incredible beauty.

by |April 20, 2020

The Role of Finance in Achieving Sustainability

Last month, the Earth Institute celebrated the publication of a new book and heard from panelists on the role of harnessing financial acumen to achieve long-run sustainability.

by |April 17, 2020
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How Earth Institute Experts De-Stress Under Lockdown

From knitting to yoga and chocolate chip cookies, here’s how some of our team members are taking their minds off the pandemic.

by |April 16, 2020

Mass Testing for the Coronavirus and the Crisis of Public Management

We need to learn how to work together again as an American community. The alternative is to die alone while clinging to our ideologies and sense of moral superiority.

by |April 13, 2020
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Sustainable Development Program Seeks Teaching Assistants for Fall 2020

Positions are available for 9 different courses. Deadline to apply is April 26.

by |March 27, 2020
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Summer 2020 Earth Institute Internship Opportunities

A variety of undergraduate, graduate and PhD positions are available in various departments and research centers. Apply by April 19, 2020.

by |March 23, 2020