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Bob Crocco

Bob Crocco is a former business executive, most notably serving as Executive Vice President for Li & Fung USA and Division President at the Phillips Van Heusen Corporation. While at PVH he also served as a head of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts in the early 1990s. Bob has a BS degree in Biology and an MS in Environmental Science. He also is a graduate of the CERC program of the Earth Institute and is currently on the Faculty at CERC.

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Conservation in Alaska: If It Sounds Familiar…

It occurred to me while reading noted historian Douglas Brinkley’s new book The Quiet World: Saving Alaska’s Wilderness Kingdom 1879-1960 that some things don’t seem to change. Brinkley’s book chronicles the efforts of the Federal government to save wild Alaska from the extraction industries, mining, timber and fisheries primarily. The notion over one hundred years… read more

by |March 8, 2011