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Natalia Mroz is the Regional Communications Specialist for the Millennium Villages Project, and is based in Nairobi, Kenya, at the MDG Centre for East and Southern Africa.

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Millennium Villages Shed Light on Water Security

Water is essential to human well-being and economic development. Today, however, water stress caused by inadequate farming practices, demographic pressure and pollution is creating unprecedented problems. Nowhere is this more visible than in the rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. As the world celebrates World Water Day on the 22nd of March to draw attention to these issues, lessons learned from the Millennium Villages Project can provide a way forward. The project’s success in improving both water and food security are just some of the practical, science-based solutions that rural communities all over the world can use to extract themselves from poverty.

by |March 22, 2012

Solar Power Lights Up New Business in Uganda Village

One-hundred twenty light bulbs were switched on in Ruhiira for the first time last year, using the innovative Shared Solar system installed by the Millennium Villages Project (MVP). The impact on villagers’ lives has already been tremendous.

by |February 9, 2012

Columbia University opens first center for Africa in Nairobi

On the 13th of January, the latest addition to Columbia University’s network of global centers opened its doors in Nairobi, Kenya. The first institution of its kind on the continent, the new Columbia Global Centers | Africa represents an important milestone in the history of the University.

by |January 20, 2012

Sauri Millennium Village school feeding program gains Kenya-wide attention

Fourteen year old Eugene Obare and his friends from Nyamuninia Primary School in Sauri Millennium Village were invited to address a packed amphitheatre of delegates at the International Food Fair, organized by the National Museums of Kenya in Nairobi on October 7th. They are a new breed of happy, confident kids in rural Kenya who… read more

by |October 28, 2011

Business, cooperative training to boost Millennium Villages

With up to $20 million in business loans pledged by long-term Millennium Villages Project supporter George Soros, phase two of the project will focus on boosting local businesses to help communities achieve the Millennium Development Goals by the 2015 deadline, and empower them with sustainable incomes to pay for their own needs way beyond this date.

by |October 11, 2011

Rwanda to Scale Up Millennium Villages Model

With a renewed sense of urgency, the government of Rwanda has committed to combating poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals by supporting new initiatives in health, agriculture, education, infrastructure and business development. The Honorable James Musoni, the Rwandan Minister of Local Government, cemented the partnership with the MDG Centre through a Memorandum of Understanding… read more

by |September 22, 2011

Mobile Links Bring Progress to Millennium Villages

Members of the Broadband Commission and representatives from several East African governments visited the Mayange Millennium Village earlier this month to witness some of the success mobile technology has had in advancing health, education, infrastructure and business development in one of the poorest areas of Rwanda.

by |September 20, 2011

MDGC Nairobi Hosts the Merry Year Foundation, Key Millennium Village Partners

In a visit to the MDG Centre in Nairobi, Merry Year Foundation delegates discussed their commitment to helping rural African communities extract themselves out of poverty and to scaling up the Millennium Village model

by |August 19, 2011