Meghna Bhattacharjee, Author at State of the Planet

A Rogue Water Project

Even today, many Central Asian nations rely on infrastructure that was clumsily implemented by the Soviet Union in the 1970s, and Tajikistan is no exception.  In fact, she is the poorest country in Central Asia and has long been quarrelling with Uzbekistan and even Afghanistan over resources and related policies.  One such controversial project involves… read more

by |March 26, 2010

Hawaii’ s homes go Green with solar hot water heaters

The grass may be greener in Hawaii, but now so are its houses. Solar powered hot water heaters are now replacing electric heaters that burn fossil fuels, and in the process release harmful carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.  Hawaiian Electric Company is heavily encouraging all home owners to convert… read more

by |August 4, 2009

Central Asian Water Summit

This week five leaders of Central Asian nations are holding a summit to try and achieve a solution to their bitter dispute over water use in one of the driest regions of the world.  According to Reuters, the trouble over sharing water across borders has been bubbling to new heights with its growing scarcity.  Presidents… read more

by |April 28, 2009

Water Wars in Ethiopia

For centuries tribal people in the Omo River Valley of Ethiopia have been content to live according the flood cycle of the river.  In recent years, a certain development has caused much blood to be spilled over territorial claims on the river.  Automatic weapons are now in the hands of almost every male in the… read more

by |March 30, 2009

Turkish Baths?

If you are browsing for a bit of water related humor, turn to the Reuters news on Turkey.  This month, Istanbul, a cultural capital of Turkey, was part- host of the Fifth World Water Forum which connects experts from over 150 countries  around the world to address impending global water crises. According to UN reports,… read more

by |March 25, 2009

Water, Water everywhere, nor any drop for China?

Last summer I found myself writing a Water Center Report on China’s massive South-to-North Water transfer project in lieu of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  While the world had its eyes fixed on the struggle between freedom-seeking Tibetans and the Chinese authority, the rumbling of a mammoth water crisis was underway.  The Northern provinces (where Beijing… read more

by |March 2, 2009