Meaghan Daly, Author at State of the Planet

Gridlock in Everglades Land Deal

For many who have been following the saga of the Everglades of South Florida, it seemed that restoration and conservation plans formed during the last decade were only getting more complicated and mired in bureaucracy. That is, until Gov. Charlie Crist stepped up to the plate to make a game-changing proposition to buy back land… read more

by |October 20, 2009

Dark Side of Solar Has Light at the End of the Tunnel

As the United States searches for sources of alternative energy and a means to reduce its production of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, solar power plants have emerged as a leading candidate to address both of these problems. While these plants do indeed provide an additional means of producting energy that could potentially reduce the amount… read more

by |August 22, 2009

Water Harvesting Making a Comeback

In the American Southwest, water is a valuable resource that is almost always in short supply. Yet, despite the frequent discrepancy between supply and demand, homeowners and municipal managers alike  have been obligated – by law – to let the rain that runs off of their roof or falls in their jurisdiction to go its… read more

by |July 12, 2009

Water-Energy Dependency May Put a Damper on Water Banking in California

We’ve been following some of the issues related to the drought in California. In response to water shortages, a “water bank” has been implemented to allow users who do not use all of their water to sell it to other users. In theory, such a system allows water to be used in an efficient manner,… read more

by |June 10, 2009

Renewables May Gain Momentum in Response to Water Shortages

Most of the time, when you hear about environmentalists decrying the construction of a new coal-fired power plant, their objections are in relation to localized pollution or carbon dioxide emissions. Less frequently do you hear about protests related to the vast amounts of water that are needed to keep these plants running – water that… read more

by |April 5, 2009

California’s Water Bank – A Bank With Nothing to Lend?

California is in some serious trouble as a result of continued drought conditions and is looking to bail itself out through the creation of a water banking system. In California, this would mean buying water from owners in the northern part of the state and transferring it to water-starved areas in the south. This makes… read more

by |March 27, 2009

Is Water-banking the Key to California’s Water Woes?

It’s been a bad stretch of years for farmers in California…and things don’t look like they will be getting better any time soon. Three years of consecutive drought in the state have ravaged the agricultural industry, leading Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to declare a state of emergency. The announcement was accompanied by pleas for municipalities to… read more

by |March 20, 2009

As Economy Falters, Everglades May Lose Out

In the past months, the headlines have been dominated by news of yet another bad day for the stock market. But, there is another casualty of the recession that probably isn’t getting as much press. While stocks continue to plummet, the Everglades of South Florida may also be falling on hard times as a result… read more

by |March 4, 2009