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Lily Roberts

Lily Roberts is an undergraduate student at the University of Exeter, UK, studying physical geography. She is pursuing a thesis in atmosphere and oceanic sciences, and hopes to continue her studies more broadly in the climate sciences. Lily has volunteered in her spare time on conservation projects around the world, most recently taking her to Indonesian Borneo.

Recent Posts

Melting Glacier Floods Arctic Coal Mine, Highlighting Climate Change Paradox

Coal mining in Svalbard has long been criticized for the contradictions of allowing the fossil fuel industry to operate in a place where climate changes are felt more harshly than anywhere else on Earth.

by |September 18, 2020

Scientists Piece Together Nearly Two Decades of Global Glacier Ice Loss

Scientists filled an 11-month gap in satellite data, creating a continuous 18-year record that tracks glacial melt and will aid predictions about sea level rise.

by |September 3, 2020