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I help manage traditional media, social media, online marketing, knowledge management and partnership development for the Earth Institute. Also work with the Millennium Villages Project to communicate progress made on the MDGs to the wider public. New York native, worked as a reporter and editor for ten years at a now defunct newspaper which covered international development and the United Nations. Since then had stints at the Council on Foreign Relations and Millennium Promise. Blurry picture is me and my nephew, William.

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Sachs: ‘US Remains Trapped and Paralyzed on Climate Change’

Jeffrey Sachs discusses the inaction and inability of the US to enact any meaningful climate legislation with future prospects growing dim with the changing of the guard in Congress after last week’s midterm elections.

by |October 29, 2010

MDG Summit Media Rundown #4

The Guardian – ‎Sep 23, 2010 Millennium development goals in an age of fear and loathing Inter Press Service – Sep 23, 2010 Obama Lays Out Vision, Details Still Blurry Associated Press – Sep 21, 2010 State of the World: Progress in a small Kenyan village Financial Times – Sep 23, 2010 Rationalise aid to increase efficiency… read more

by |September 24, 2010

MDG Summit Media Rundown #3

Financial Times – Sep 20, 2010 Pool resources and reinvent global aid by Jeffrey Sachs Financial Times – Sep 20, 2010 Jeffrey Sachs: yearning for happiness – and innovative financing Blog by Jeffrey Sachs. – Sep 20, 2010 US ‘failing to keep up with Britain’ on aid promises Wasington Post – Sep 20, 2010… read more

by |September 21, 2010

MDG Summit Media Rundown #2

There’s a LOT more today. Stick  with us while we continue to update. TV and radio media at bottom of the page. By Jeffrey Sachs Financial Times – Sep 21, 2010 Pool resources and reinvent global aid Independent – Sep 19, 2010 Professor Jeffrey Sachs: It’s not a question of capacity, it’s a matter of… read more

by |September 21, 2010

MDG Summit Media Rundown #1

Here’s a list of some of the media that’s been mustered up for MDG week at the UN. I’ll update as the week goes on. International Herald Tribune: By Jeffrey D Sachs Millennium Goals, Five Years to Go. New York Times–Sept 19, 2010 UN Poverty Goals Face Accountability Questions BBC Radio and TV–Sept 15, 2010… read more

by |September 20, 2010

Jeffrey Sachs, Gavin Schmidt on Economy and Wild Summer Weather

Jeffrey Sachs’ discusses what it will take to kick start the US economy and the possible links between climate change and this summer’s weather on CNN’s “GPS with Fareed Zakaria”.

by |August 17, 2010

UN Secretary-General Makes First Trip to Millennium Village

Official press release: United Nations Secretary-General Makes First Trip to Millennium Village A run through of remarks the SG made on the Millennium Development Goals and his trip to Mwandama. First his address to the Malawi Parliament. Then speaking to the press on what he saw in Mwandama. Millennium Promise CEO, John McArthur writes, on… read more

by |May 30, 2010

Punjab Farmers Adapt to Shrinking Water Supply

Often referred to as the granary of India, Punjab is now slowly drying out. And though many farmers are deeply worried over the prospects of producing enough food, some of the more entrepreneurial ones are adopting new ways to conserve water while bracing for what will be a drier future. Back in the 1970s India… read more

by |February 17, 2010

Punjab Farmers Adapt to Shrinking Water Supply

Driving through Punjab in early February, the green of newly sprouted wheat is all around. Trenches in between rows of stalks are being dug and linked to larger conduits where the water is flowing. Nearby an electric generator hums as water is pumped from 100 feet below. As the season goes, so does the water and herein lies the problem; the groundwater is not being replenished fast enough to match the needs of farming water intensive crops like rice and wheat.

by |February 16, 2010

Reactions to Haiti Earthquake

Scientists from Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory have provided some photographs and commented analysis of the earthquake in Haiti.

by |January 14, 2010