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Mysterious Demise of an Australian Thunder Bird

Here, mankind and death coincide,
But everyone’s still mystified …

by |February 20, 2015

Birth of a Desert

North Africa once was quite green,
From ancient lakes, clues we can glean:

by |January 30, 2015

Lobsters of the Land

Life arose from the sea, so they say,
And Earth’s family tree is still branching today.
Our view of the old structure way down below:
Mysterious, shrouded, a faded tableau.

by |January 16, 2015

Celestial Music

Did you ever watch stars, and hear distant singing?
New telescopes see that the galaxy’s ringing!
Listen now carefully, open your ears
To Johannes Kepler’s great “music of spheres.”

by |January 2, 2015

Mysterious Mineral

So common, yet far out of sight,
Mineralogists longed for a bite.
Formed deep inside,
Or when rocks collide,
At long last, a name: bridgmanite!

by |December 5, 2014


We are high mountain people, hunters and artists,
Our view from this base camp is brilliant and clear.
Cold, thin air sweeps the rocky plateau;
You need a strong heart to live here.

by |October 31, 2014


By Galileo’s careful hand, sunspot details are exquisite,
Through eye of forehead, eye of mind beholds what body can not visit.
If only he could see the sights now rendered from Earth’s outer space,
Ultraviolet sunscapes – Oh, to see his raptured face!

by |October 17, 2014

Chemical silence

What if you couldn’t smell smoke?
Or detect flirty signs from a bloke?
Imagine the cost
Of faculties lost,
Of signals that deafness would cloak …

by |October 10, 2014


On skin, it’s barely a freckle I’d make,

But baby, en masse, we turn seas opaque!

Come darkness, come famine, come poison or flood,

My kind can flourish in any old crud.

by |September 26, 2014

Graceful, Tiny, Toothy Ancestors

With body spry, tail curly,
This mammal showed up early.

by |September 12, 2014