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Jeremy Hinsdale

Jeremy Hinsdale is a web producer and freelance journalist in New York City. His work has appeared on the websites for PBS, Newsweek, the American Museum of Natural History and other publications.

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A rice field at a government-sponsored agricultural cooperative in Morada Nova, Brazil

Achieving Water Sustainability in Ceará, Brazil

Achieving sustainable water sustainability in Brazil’s semi-arid northeast will involve more than just building pipes, pumps and water towers: it will require significant changes in the ways water is monitored, distributed and used throughout the region.

by |November 21, 2011

Community Associations and Sustainable Development in Rural Brazil

After spending two days back in the big city of Fortaleza learning about the finer points of water management in the state of Ceará, I’ve returned to the rural municipality of Milhã, ground zero for the Columbia Water Center’s project to improve water access in Brazil’s semi-arid sertão region. Our group is now just three:… read more

by |September 28, 2011

Bringing Water to Rural Communities in Brazil

Though Portuguese settlers and Brazilians have lived in the sertão since the 16th century, it has never been an easy place to thrive. The primary reason is water.

by |September 19, 2011