Jessica Fanzo, Author at State of the Planet

The Sustenance in Achieving Global Nutrition Security

As the world focuses on the ten-year progress made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the MDG Summit in New York City, it is with great hope that nutrition is front and center in the discussions and decision making at the luminous building that sits on the East River at 42nd Street.

by |September 15, 2010

Pastoralists Thrive in Rural Kenya: Turning Camel’s Milk into Gold

Pastoralists are people who live mostly in dry, remote areas, whose livelihoods depend on their intimate knowledge of the surrounding ecosystem and on the wellbeing of their livestock (IFAD). Most pastoralists raise livestock and practice animal husbandry consisting usually of camels, goats, cattle, yaks, sheep, horses, llamas, alpacas, reindeer and vicunas. Pastoralists tend to be… read more

by |May 10, 2010

Treating children who suffer from acute malnutrition – one text message at a time

This article was originally posted on the ChildCount+ blog. ChildCount+ is an mHealth platform aimed at empowering communities to improve child survival and maternal health using mobile technologies. Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) affects 20 million children under five years of age each year and contributes to 1 million child deaths per year. Moderate acute malnutrition… read more

by |April 16, 2010

Getting Back on Track: Ending Global Hunger and Undernutrition

One of the targets of the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG) is to reduce the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by half between 1990 and 2015, with hunger measured as the proportion of the population who are undernourished and the prevalence of children under five who are underweight.

by |February 15, 2010