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HSBC Supported Climate Change Adaptation Research Showcased

[vimeo][/vimeo]On Friday, April 2, 2010, the Earth Institute hosted the Climate Change Adaptation Student Research Showcase on Columbia University’s Morningside campus. Here, 14 students presented their groundbreaking work to identify, understand and reduce the effects of climate change in New York City. The event was the culmination of the Climate Change Adaptation Initiative where student… read more

by |May 14, 2010

Punjab Farmers Adapt to Shrinking Water Supply

Often referred to as the granary of India, Punjab is now slowly drying out. And though many farmers are deeply worried over the prospects of producing enough food, some of the more entrepreneurial ones are adopting new ways to conserve water while bracing for what will be a drier future. Back in the 1970s India… read more

by |April 9, 2010

Take MDP Courses in the USA, Practice in Nigeria, Graduate in Costa Rica

As a student, imagine taking courses from experts at the Earth Institute and the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, living in Nigeria for two months while helping villages problem-solve the complex challenges of sustainable development, and graduating from your home institution in Costa Rica. Picture meeting at a university campus every… read more

by |March 10, 2010

Climate and Meningitis in Africa

[youtube][/youtube] The International Research Institute for Climate and Society and Google are offering a guided tour of Africa to teach you about the relationship between climate and deadly meningitis outbreaks there. No need to pack your bags, though: it’s a virtual tour, one you can run on Google Earth from your living room. The climate… read more

by |March 4, 2010

Con Edison, Nestlé and Walmart Join the Earth Institute Corporate Circle

Following the launch of the Corporate Circle in October 2009, we are thrilled to welcome Con Edison, Nestlé and Walmart as new Sustaining Members with their $25,000 gifts to the institute. At this level, all three corporations are supporting the core sustainable development work of the Earth Institute and joining a network of top companies… read more

by |February 17, 2010

Ensuring a Prosperous China by 2049 and Providing Best Practices for Ghana

Two new gifts from donor Winnington Group of Hong Kong are helping support the Millennium Cities Initiative and the Earth Institute’s new China 2049 project, which seeks to answer the following crucial questions: What will the Chinese economy look like one hundred years after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China? How can public and private stakeholders in China plan now so that by mid-century the country will be economically dynamic, socially harmonious, and environmentally sustainable? Given the challenges Accra, Ghana is facing today in urban infrastructure, population growth, energy consumption and water issues—what lessons can Accra learn from China?

by |February 16, 2010

Climate Change Leaders Join Jeff Sachs in Discussion on Post-Copenhagen Action

Nearly 100 people including several UN ambassadors, corporate executives, foundation leaders and key representatives from NGOs and academia gathered at Columbia University to attend a brainstorm session on a way forward after December’s Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Led by Earth Institute Director Jeff Sachs, the agenda covered topics including improvements to the United Nations… read more

by |February 15, 2010

Supporting Students from Developing Countries with Scholarships and Internships

A recent anonymous gift of $200,000 to the Earth Institute will provide financial support for students from developing countries. The gift will fund two scholarships for students either in our MA in Climate and Society or MPA in Environmental Science and Policy program, and will also provide funding for summer internships.

by |February 12, 2010

Bill Gates Visits the Earth Institute

We were thrilled to welcome Bill Gates recently to the Earth Institute for a wide-ranging informational meeting led by director Jeff Sachs. The half-day visit was a lively, frank and open exchange of ideas between Mr. Gates and Earth Institute faculty members debating the challenges and immense opportunities for human development in the areas of… read more

by |February 9, 2010

Anonymous Gift Supports Earth Institute Priorities

The Earth Institute has been awarded an unrestricted $500,000 gift over 3 years from an anonymous donor. This is one of the largest unrestricted gifts received to date for the Columbia Campaign for the Earth Institute. Unrestricted gifts allow the Earth Institute to address the most critical needs in several areas of research, education, and… read more

by |January 26, 2010