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Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth graduated from Columbia University in May 2011 with a bachelor's in neuroscience. She is working as the Earth Institute's media editor for the summer before moving to Washington, D.C., to start her master's in public policy at Georgetown University. While at Columbia, she was the editor-in-chief of the Columbia Science Review, Columbia's undergraduate science magazine, and co-president of the Brainiacs, a public school science outreach program. Her interests include environmental policy, science education reform and neurobiology.

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Integrating Treatment for AIDS and Other Neglected Tropical Diseases

Thirty years after AIDS was first reported, the United Nations will meet today to discuss next-steps toward controlling the disease. Developing countries in Africa are still the hardest hit by AIDS, but progress is being made through the framework of the Millennium Development Goals, which calls for a reversal of the spread of HIV/AIDS in… read more

by |June 8, 2011

Eli Kintisch on Geoengineering and ‘Jumping the Shark’

By Elizabeth Robinson As little as five years ago, geoengineering was fringe science. But now, with CO2 concentrations still rising in spite of our knowledge of the consequences, geoengineering is increasingly viewed as an option for coping with the possibility of catastrophic climate change. On Friday, September 24th, the Columbia Climate Center hosted an event… read more

by |October 5, 2010