Diego Villarreal, Author at State of the Planet

Diego is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Climate and Society at Columbia University. During his time at Columbia, Diego has worked closely with the Columbia Climate Center in developing a global greenhouse gas emissions model that is being used to simulate the individual and collective impact of more than 300 emission reduction policies worldwide, with the ultimate goal of quantify how these efforts shape the global CO2 emissions profile. Diego is a native of Mexico City and holds a B.S in Chemical Engineering and a B.S. in Chemistry from Purdue University.

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World Climate Policies: Substantial Progress But Enormous Challenges Remain

Recent analysis by Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisory (DBCCA) in conjunction with the Columbia Climate Center, shows that the existing world climate policies have the potential to substantially reduce CO2 emissions, but are not aggressive enough to meet the suggested 450 ppm stabilization pathways.

by |May 1, 2012
Climate News

Climate News Roundup: Week of 2/2

NASA: Global warming caused mostly by humans USA Today, 1/31 The space agency published new calculations showing that the Earth absorbed more energy from the sun than it returned to space despite the low solar activity from 2005 to 2010. Availability of better measurements of ocean temperatures helped the research team improve their estimates of… read more

by |February 3, 2012

Climate News Roundup: Week of 1/17

Rejecting Pipeline Proposal, Obama Blames Congress; Five Myths About the Keystone Pipeline; GM microbe breakthrough paves way for large-scale seaweed farming for biofuels; Clean Energy Investment Rises to $260 Billion, Boosted by Solar.

by |January 20, 2012

Energy and emissions in a post-recession world

On November 29th Dr. Fatih Birol, Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency, gave a lecture at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) as part of the school’s “Leaders in Global Energy” lecture series. Dr. Birol presented the highlights of the IEA’s recently released “World Energy Outlook 2011”, an annual analysis of… read more

by |December 6, 2011

Understanding GHG emissions: Stock vs. Flows

In discussing climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a key distinction must be made between the stock of GHGs in the atmosphere, and the flow of GHGs, primarily emissions. Understanding this difference is crucial for designing and implementing policies to effectively address the problem. Because a bathtub is something that most of us are… read more

by |July 18, 2011