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David J. Maurrasse is a research scholar at the Earth Institute. He is the president and founder of Marga Inc., a consulting firm providing advice and research to strengthen philanthropy and innovative cross-sector partnerships to address some of today's most pressing social concerns. He serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs, teaching a course titled "Strategy, Community Partnerships, and Philanthropy". He has published numerous books, including "Beyond the Campus" (2001), "Strategic Public Private Partnerships" (2013), and others. His upcoming book, "Philanthropy and Society" will explore how strategic philanthropy can include the perspectives and participation of grantee communities.

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Preparing Future Leaders through Partnerships

The latest Clinton Global Initiative University conference in March brought together students and influential world leaders to discuss projects in such areas as reforestation in Haiti, coastal resilience in Florida, mobile food trucks for disadvantaged areas and new mobile apps to address issues of public health.

by |May 18, 2015

Power Transition and Collaboration in China

It is political season in two of the world’s largest economies. People around the world are closely watching as leadership transition in China will have global implications. China has been a hot topic in the U.S. presidential campaign, mentioned 53 times in the presidential debates. Both candidates took a tough stance and proposed to push China to “play by the rules.”

by |November 21, 2012

The US Jobs Challenge and Its Future

Collaboration between government and the private sector will be essential to substantially increasing job opportunities. The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 7.8% in September 2012 – its lowest level since January 2009.

by |October 27, 2012
CGI Participants

Partnering for Impact

Our highly interconnected and interdependent world has given rise to an extraordinary collaborative effort to design a future that is sustainable, prosperous and empowering. The recently concluded Clinton Global Initiative 2012 annual meeting’s theme, “Designing for Impact,” focused on designing our lives, environments and the global systems that can create more opportunity and equality.

by |October 8, 2012
Japan 2011 earthquake

Japan, Nuclear Power and the Need for Transparency

A year and a half after the Great East Japan Earthquake triggered one of the worst nuclear catastrophes in recorded history, the country is now in full energy conservation mode.

by |September 27, 2012

Rio 2016 Olympics: Another Reason to Watch Brazil’s Rise

If public-private partnerships are essential to successfully carrying out the Olympics and using it to catalyze positive change for the host city, then Rio could have an important advantage for hosting the games in 2016.

by |August 24, 2012
2012 London Olympics

London Olympics: How the Games Help Urban Development

The Olympics symbolize unity and friendship: The whole world comes together for the Games, playing by the same rules, honoring the same Olympian spirit of excellence and fair play. But today’s Olympics are notable for another type of collaboration—between the public and private sectors.

by |August 21, 2012
President Obama addresses Congress

School-Business Partnerships Key to Job Training

President Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act was presented to Congress this week. Included in the $447 billion jobs package is about $5 billion toward community college construction. Community colleges are uniquely positioned to provide workforce training and higher education.

by |September 13, 2011

Crossing Sectors, Growing Economies

Coordinating the resources of academia, government, non-profits and the private sector can promote industrial innovation and create jobs; it also can improve education, limit the spread of diseases and increase access to food.

by |September 8, 2011