Courtney St. John, Author at State of the Planet

Courtney St. John is the Associate Director for Outreach at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED) at Columbia University. She joined the CRED team in 2012 and oversees the center’s outreach with key audiences including partners and stakeholders, students, the larger scientific community, and the general public. St. John has over seven years of experience working on environmental issues from an outreach, planning, and policy perspective. Prior to joining CRED Courtney was the Climate Change Affairs Officer for the United States Navy’s Task Force Climate Change where she oversaw execution of the Navy’s Climate Change Roadmap and Navy’s adaptation to global climate change. St. John is the author of several articles on the Navy’s climate change adaptation including in publications from Cambridge University Press, NATO, and in the Naval War College Review. St. John held a John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship in the Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy. She earned a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning with a concentration in environmental planning and policy from Clemson University. Her work at Clemson focused on coastal management and shoreline change policy. She holds a BA from Mary Washington College in Historic Preservation.

Recent Posts

What Will You Leave Behind? How Personal Legacy Affects Pro-environmental Behavior

New research from the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions finds that personal legacy can be a motivator to encourage pro-environmental behaviors.

by |January 8, 2015

AGU 2013: Social Science Perspectives on Natural Hazards

Learn about improving communication of and planning for natural hazards from a social science perspective at AGU2013.

by |December 9, 2013

Decision Making Under Uncertainty at AAAS

Researchers from the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions will participate in a poster session featuring the work of each center funded under the National Science Foundation’s “Decision Making Under Uncertainty” grant. Nada Petrovic and Lisa Zaval will present the poster “What’s in a frame when it comes to fossil fuels: Does health matter more than climate change?” and Matt Sisco will present the poster “Why do people care about sea lions? A fishing game to study the value of endangered species.”

by |February 15, 2013

Changing Household Behavior to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Actions by individuals and households to reduce carbon-based energy consumption have the potential to change the picture of U.S. energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the near term by integrating insights from the behavioral and social sciences.

by |January 10, 2013

Managing Hazard Risk and Weather Extremes at AGU

Researchers from the Earth Institute’s Center for Research on Environmental Decisions will present their work at the 2012 American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco this week. Psychology doctoral candidate Katherine Thompson will present a poster entitled “The Psychology of Hazard Risk Perception”; and visiting research scholar Diana Reckien will present a poster entitled “Realities of Weather Extremes on Daily Life in Urban India—How Quantified Impacts Infer Sensible Adaptation Options.”

by |December 3, 2012