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Aastha Uprety

Aastha Uprety is a writer for GlacierHub and a Master of Public Administration student at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs, where she studies social policy and media & communications. She graduated from William & Mary. Previously, Aastha worked in research and communications roles at civil rights and policy organizations. Besides climate justice and global social movements, she is passionate about music and internet culture. Follow Aastha on Twitter: @AasthaUprety

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Bright green grass covers the slopes of a valley between tall hills. White yurt tents are clustered in the center of the valley.

Grazing Disputes in Kyrgyzstan Reveal Pasture Access Concerns for Herders

A clash between livestock herders in the central region of the country uncovers political, economic, and environmental concerns among pastoralist communities.

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Two adults and a child dressed in traditional clothing stand in front of a tent and a group of other people in a valley of grass and rocks.

What Superpower Conflicts Mean for Indigenous Peoples

Geopolitical tensions between China and India at their disputed Himalayan border have ecological and social consequences for local peoples.

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