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My specialties include the Smart Grid, Optimization of Control Center Operations of Energy Companies, Real Options and Portfolio Management, 4D Reservoir Management, and Alternative Energy Research. My new book, Computer-Aided Lean Management, from PennWell is available on I have written scientific and opinion pieces for magazines such as CIO Insight, Discover, Economist, EnergyBiz, Forbes, National Geographic, Nature, New York Times, Oil and Gas Journal, Scientific American, Wall Street Journal, and Wired. I have also assisted in the design of the Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural History, was technical consultant for the NBC News/Discovery Channel documentary “Anatomy of a Blackout,” and have been a frequent contributor to business radio and TV.

Recent Posts

Di-BOSS: the World’s First Digital Building Operating System

The Digital Building Operating System was built as a three way collaboration among Rudin Management Co., Columbia Engineering’s Center for Computational Learning Systems and Selex ES, a global technology company owned by Finmeccanica, with each party bringing unique skills to the “3 Legged Stool.”

by |August 16, 2013

We Need to Put All Coastal Electricity Underground — NOW

As shocking as the coastal devastation caused by Mega-Storm Sandy was, the prolonged electrical blackouts in the region were much more troubling. They never should have happened, and if any did, power should have been restored sooner.

by |December 28, 2012

Not Enough New Scientists and Engineers Entering the Energy Industry

With the current emphasis of countries around the world on improving internal infrastructure by Smartening the Electric Grid, replacing hydrocarbons with Alternative Energy sources, repairing aging roads and bridges, and better securing our water systems, I’ve been thinking a lot about Rick Smalley of Rice University. He discovered the “Buckyball”, or Carbon Fullerene, and won… read more

by |September 18, 2010

Implementing the Lean Smart Grid

As utilities and suppliers begin the modernization of the electric grid in the United States into the “Smart Grid”, there seem to be two schools of thought circulating across the country. There are those looking forward to the change and those dreading the consequences of the change. Those looking forward to the change are anticipating… read more

by |September 13, 2010

The Electric Cities of the Future

We all hate getting caught in urban traffic jams; especially those with semi-trailer trucks everywhere. A Computer Aided Lean Management (CALM) approach to traffic congestion in the cities of the world creates win-win solutions to such complex problems. My favorite is to lower the volume of vehicles on the roads by voluntarily moving people to… read more

by |September 13, 2010