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Allison Ladue was the Associate Director for the M.S. in Sustainability Management program and the Certifications in Sustainability Analytics and Sustainable Water Management. [ website ]

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MS Student Tackles Challenges for a Sustainable Future

MS in Sustainability Management student Emily Briggs was drawn to the program by its “comprehensive and interdisciplinary structure and the breadth of courses it offered.” Emily recently discussed the growing need for sustainability managers.

by |October 27, 2011

Sustainability Student Explains How “Smart Buildings” Are Better

Building energy consumption is an important sustainability and economic issue, as buildings account for 40% of all energy consumed. In a recently published paper, M.S. in Sustainability Management student, Greg Falco, explains how Smart Buildings help address these issues, using data analytics to troubleshoot building system inefficiencies that result in unnecessary energy costs.

by |October 10, 2011