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Lynnette Widder Receives Fellowship From Institute for Ideas and Imagination

As part of the fellowship, she will examine the transformation of design thinking, symbolic representation and construction in post-war West Germany.

by Ana M. Contreras |June 1, 2020

Faculty Profile: Lynnette Widder

Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MSSM) professor Lynnette Widder has over fifteen years of experience teaching design, conducting seminars, and organizing architectural excursions for architecture students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She is the Principal and Co-founder of aardvarchitecture, a small architectural practice that specializes in residential work with an emphasis on high-quality innovative construction. This fall, Lynnette is teaching the course, Responsibility and Resilience in the Built Environment.

by |October 18, 2012

Bringing Sustainability Into the Restoration of an Architectural Jewel

Professor Lynnette Widder was recently featured in an article about how she integrated sustainability into her restoration of a historic home in upstate New York.

by |May 12, 2020

How I Preserved A Historic House While Making It More Energy Efficient

Architect Lynnette Widder explains the challenges of making an old house more sustainable while maintaining its original character.

by |May 14, 2018

Sustainability Management Faculty Honored in 2018 Modernism in America Awards

Architect and faculty member Lynnette Widder won a Docomomo Citation of Merit for her work in restoring a modernist house with an eye toward sustainability.

by |May 4, 2018

MS Students Supplement Coursework with Trip to Hunt’s Point Market

On Wednesday, September 17, students in Professor Lynnette Widder’s Hungry City Workshop participated in a trip to the Hunts Point Produce Market in the South Bronx, the largest produce market in the world. Professor Widder, whose course focuses on understanding urban resource flows in qualitative and quantitative terms, sponsored the trip to give students a first-hand experience of the spaces required for urban-scale resource provision. Located in an area of high unemployment, the market’s use of relatively labor-intensive work flows still makes sense. Around 80% of the market’s employees live in the Bronx.

by |October 3, 2014

MS Students Focus on Newark’s Sustainability Action Plan

On Oct. 19, MS in Sustainability Management students in Professor Lynnette Widder’s SUMA K4162: Responsibility and Resilience in the Built Environment class participated in a field trip to Newark, N.J. The trip marked the beginning of the students’ final term project, into which they will integrate the information and ideas introduced in this course.

by |November 6, 2013

Sustainable Solutions for the Brooklyn Navy Yard

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 5-7, M.S. in Sustainability Management students in Professor Lynnette Widder’s SUMA K4162: Responsibility and Resilience in the Built Environment ventured across the East River to complete an interdisciplinary workshop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The workshop was organized by Professor Widder in collaboration with the Departments of Architecture of the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany and the Rhode Island School of Design.

by |October 22, 2012

App Will Track Harmful Dust From Bauxite Mining in Guinea

Researchers at Columbia are developing an app that Guinean communities can use to hold mining companies accountable for controlling the dust they produce, which can harm health and livelihoods.

by Jeffrey Fralick |July 17, 2020

Jeff Fralick: Chasing Storms and Change

Always weather-obsessed, Fralick enrolled in the Sustainability Science program because he wants to take on the threats of climate change and incorporate sustainable practices into everyday life.

by Ofelia Mariana Lopez |February 13, 2020