June 2019 - State of the Planet

New York City to Punta Arenas: The Beginning of Our Journey

Nature-Based Solutions: The Missing Ingredient in Climate Adaptation?

Accelerating Climate Solutions Through Novel Research

Workshop Explores How to Make Trucks Electric and Autonomous

ACToday Unites Farmers and Scientists to Solve Climate Challenges in Guatemala

Part of the Pacific Ocean Is Not Warming as Expected. Why?

Columbia Researchers Provide New Evidence on the Reliability of Climate Modeling

The Competitive Benefits of a Modern Energy System

Scientists Map Huge Undersea Fresh-Water Aquifer Off U.S. Northeast

How Climate Change Impacts the Economy

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Melting of Himalayan Glaciers Has Doubled in Recent Years

Sustainable Development Spring 2019 Workshop Briefings

Citizen Scientists Can Help Predict and Prepare for Disasters

How Energy Choices After Fukushima Impacted Human Health and the Environment

We, Them, and the American Dream

Training Agents of Change: A New Approach to Reach Ethiopia’s Climate-Vulnerable Farmers

Climate Service Initiative Begins Work on a New Continent

Preparing For When Climate Change Throws a One-Two Punch

Video: Glacier Research on the Juneau Icefield in Alaska

Teaching Assistant Opportunity in Sustainable Development Program

Why Cry for the Cryosphere?

New Podcast: U.S. Natural Gas in a Changing Climate

U.S. Climate Change Litigation in the Age of Trump: Year Two

The Right Way to Host a Vaccine Debate

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California Can’t Compromise on Cars

Solved: How Tides Can Trigger Earthquakes

Center for Climate and Life Announces 2019 Fellows

A Seismologist Present at the Discovery of Plate Tectonics

Prof. Cohen Discusses Sustainability and Cities, Government, and Sustainable Lifestyles

Great Fish Count Nets Huge Number of Sea Creatures

by |Jun 5|Ecology

New Podcast: Legal Pathways to Decarbonization in the U.S.

Earth Institute Alumni Helped Launch Etsy Carbon Offset Initiative

by |Jun 4|Climate

Floods, Infrastructure and Climate Change