The Role of Drought in the Horn of Africa Famine

by |August 1, 2011

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[…] ski areas in the Pacific Northwest. Of particular concern is what it could mean for the current humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa. That’s because the region’s short rain season, which runs from October […]


[…] Drought in the Horn of Africa also contributed to the first famine declaration in three decades. La Niña played some role in the drought, though it’s not the only factor. That’s because the region is only affects from November to the following March during when La Niña causes the region to be drier than usual. Outside of that timeframe, other variables play a larger role in the region’s climate. […]


[…] prime example is the drought that occurred in East Africa last year. Somalia, Goddard noted, faced drought where the region received barely 5% of their […]