2011 - State of the Planet

Finding the Right Graduate Program

Arboreally Speaking, the ‘Good Old Growth Curve Is a Delusion’

Holidays on the High Seas

Retrieving Instruments from the Deep

Restoring Damaged Ecosystems – The Challenge of Haiti

The Art of Sound in the Ocean

Arboreally Speaking, Does Age Matter?

Sustainability Students Present Recommendations for Meeting Challenges

Summer Ecosystem Experience for Undergraduates

Crash Land Home for the Holidays

The Shock of the New

A Changing Climate for Small Island States

Critical Urban Issues Addressed in Sustainability Management Spring Courses

A Former Marketing Professional Tackles Environmental Issues

A Chat With Shahid Naeem, CERC’s Director of Science

Earth Institute Science in Spotlight

Sustainability Management Faculty Member on the Relationship between Science and Journalism

Challenges at the Cutting Edge of Fighting Global Poverty

Deploying Instruments on the Seafloor in the Deep Ocean

Climate Change On The Street

Nature & Naturalists, an Ode to Adirondack Color

From Distant Past, Lessons on Ocean Acidification

From Development Practitioner to National Leader: Lessons from Garry Conille, Prime Minister of Haiti

High Hopes and Low Expectations for 17th UN Climate Change Conference

AGU Honors Scientists from Lamont-Doherty

Where Continents Divide, and Rocks Rise from the Deep

Natural Disasters: The Upside

Energy and emissions in a post-recession world

A Lasting Impression: Kumasi Stakeholders Truly Committed to Bettering their City

A Meeting of Science and Human Impact

Rolling into Open Water in the Central Pacific

Ancient Dry Spells, Future Risk?

Glow in the Dark Creepy Crawlers

The Art and Science of Speed Dating

Under the Dead Sea, Warnings on Climate and Earthquakes

Environmental Science and Policy Students Focus on Management Issues

Gates Gift to Work Toward Millennium Development Goals

Seismometer Puts Earthquakes Online at Kent School

Greenbuilding in Riverside Park

Environmental Sustainability Fellowship Awards – Deadline Extension

The Buzz on Elephants

Crossing Barriers for Women in Uganda and Tajikistan

Rethinking Our Food System to Combat Obesity

Columbia Climate Center Hosts Workshop on Carbon Management Education and Practice

UNFOLD: Climate Change Art & Science Dating Game

Columbia Water Center Scientists to Present New Findings at the AGU Fall Meeting

Probing an Oceanic Plate

Confessions from a Former Coniferphile

The Sustainable Development Seminar Series Returns

Addressing Gender Inequality Through Agriculture

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Climate Services event at COP-17

Achieving Water Sustainability in Ceará, Brazil

How Coffee Affects Biodiversity

Ethiopian Farmers Get First Payouts From New Crop Insurance Project

Farmers, Flames and Climate: Are We Entering an Age of ‘Mega-Fires’?

Increasing Access to Health Care Using a Community-Based Approach

PhD. Ode to a Tree

Winter Extremes: So Last Year?

Larry Burns Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

by |Nov 10|Energy

Health Risks From Famine Likely to Persist

Asia’s Motown Meets Waterworld–The Global Water Supply Chain Crisis

Monitoring Antarctica’s Changing Glaciers – No Longer Like ‘Watching Paint Dry’

Two Wren Brains Are Better Than One

The Center for Career Education Speaks with Students

Eni Brings New Energy to the Corporate Circle

Students See Freshkills Park as Urban Redesign Project

Life as an Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

by |Oct 31|Energy

How You Can Help Earth Cope with 7 Billion

Workshop Is Practical Training for Environmental Students

Students Apply Classroom Skills as Sustainability Consultants

Now is the Time for Climate Services

Sauri Millennium Village school feeding program gains Kenya-wide attention

White-Nose Syndrome is Driving Conservation Batty

Unsettled by Climate Change

MS Student Tackles Challenges for a Sustainable Future

Methane, Modern Science and the Dalai Lama

7 Billion on 10/31: The Numbers Can Be Scary

Scientific Publisher to Provide Easy Access to Study Data

Join CERC Today at Open House

China’s Decade Plan for Water

Migration in the Face of Global Environmental Change

Perspectives on Monitoring and Evaluation in the African Millennium Villages

Open House: Earth Institute Graduate Programs

Climate News Roundup: Week of 10/17

Kenyan Minister Asserts MVP’s Impact on Nation-Wide Malaria Breakthrough

In New York City: 5,000 Acres and a Mule?

Mixer Brings Students and Faculty Together

Executive Courses in Sustainable Coastal Economies, Urban Resilience, and Conservation

Partnership in Action: Lessons Learned Following Haiti Floods

Robotic Bug Sparks a Flighty Debate on Evolution

For Graduate, Applying Skills Got a Foot in the Door

Partnership Framework Supports Haiti Flood Relief

Open House: Earth Institute Undergraduate Programs

7 Billion: Not the World We Remember

Artificial Trees: Giving Us Time to Act?

New Public Outreach Prize Goes to Earth Institute Climatologist

Sprouting Trees From the Underground Forest — A Simple Way to Fight Desertification and Climate Change

Climate News Roundup: Week of 10/09

8 Ways to Look at 7 Billion

Green Sidewalk is Electrifying

Vertical Farms: From Vision to Reality

Ecological and Urban Resilience

The 7 Billion Challenge

Ban Ki-moon, George Soros and Other Partners Show Support for Millennium Villages

Join a Conversation About 7 Billion People

Cycle of Abuse Among Nazca Boobies

Business, cooperative training to boost Millennium Villages

Polyandrous Mouse Lemurs – The Larger the Better

Sustainability Student Explains How “Smart Buildings” Are Better

by |Oct 10|Energy

What are the Keystone XL Pipeline Risks to Water Resources?

Critter Corner: News Roundup on Biodiversity – Week of 10/3

Imagining the Hudson before Humans

Climate News Roundup: Week of 10/02

This Year in Conservation – FREE Panel Discussion

Using Tree Rings to Understand and Protect New York’s Water

Pharmaceuticals in the Water Supply: Is this a threat?

Wasteland Transformed into Magnificent Freshkills Park

A Former Teacher Learns to Be an Effective Change Agent

News Roundup: Week of 9/25

Humans Continue to Evolve

In Dry Texas, Recycled Water Looks Better and Better

Major Spatial Data Collection Released

Reintroduction Boot Camp for Endangered Black-Footed Ferrets

“Standing Up for Girls” – and their Right to the Education they Deserve

Evolution Battles – Parent and Offspring Rivalry

Welcome Back, La Niña

by |Sep 29|Climate

Critter Corner: News Roundup on Biodiversity – Week of 9/26

Mosquito Traps for the Future

Hybrid Climate Data for East Africa

Community Associations and Sustainable Development in Rural Brazil

Climate News Roundup: Week of 9/12 and 9/20

Scaly Anteaters are Threatened by Illegal Trafficking

Carbon Capture & Storage Project Stalls

Evolution Supports a Rainbow of Biodiversity

Jumping Ship

Executive Education in Environmental Economics

Can Canadian Water Slake America’s Need for Power?

Your Nose Knows Evolution – Do You?

Cruising up the Brahmaputra

Water Problems Are Solvable: The International Water Forum at the UN

Rwanda to Scale Up Millennium Villages Model

Critter Corner: News Roundup on Biodiversity – Week of 9/19

Excursion to Dhaka

Summer Ecosystem Experiences for Undergraduates

Climate Information, Meet Public Health Problems

Conservation of Biodiversity in Orquídeas National Park

Ecosystem Services and Corporate Planning

Mobile Links Bring Progress to Millennium Villages

Our Weatherbeaten Nation

Bringing Water to Rural Communities in Brazil

Planning for Future Disasters

Extinction Exposed – The Giant Panda

To Meghalaya and back

The Male Seahorse – Supermom?

Return to Jamalganj

Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time

Climate Scientist Studies Ancient Shorelines

Exploring an Unknown Arctic Seabottom (No Ice Included)

Critter Corner: News Roundup on Biodiversity – Week of 9/12

Joining the Kokilmoni

Water, Oil, Food – A Crisis for Saudi Arabia and the World

School-Business Partnerships Key to Job Training

Executive Courses in Conservation, Sustainability

A Sea Change, Deep Under Antarctic Waters

Working to Save Blue Iguanas

Extinction Exposed – The Sea Otter

Bottled Water – Big Business in Indonesia

by |Sep 12|Water

Climate News Roundup: Week of 9/04

Drilling for Carbon-Storing Rocks in Suburban New York

Safety Be Dammed: High-Risk Dams on the Rise

Wondrous Wildlife of The Week – The Pebble Toad

Crossing Sectors, Growing Economies

Critter Corner: News Roundup on Biodiversity – Week of 9/5

Apply for *NEW* Executive Course in Energy and Sustainability

Western Water Woes – Is Big Infrastructure the Way to Go?

Population Map Shows How Close Irene Came to Being Even Bigger Disaster

Climate News Roundup: Week of 8/28

Insuring Against Drought

Walking the Tightrope of Groundwater Management

Removing Dams and Restoring Rivers

by |Aug 29|Ecology, Water

Track the Number of People in Irene’s Path

Climate News Roundup: Week of 8/21

New Web Site: Impacts of Climate Change/Variability on the Urban Northeast

A Famine Foretold

Live, from the Bottom of the Sea

Fears of a Double Dip…La Niña

by |Aug 24|Climate

Magnitude 5.8 Quake Rattles East Coast

Climate News Roundup: Week of 8/15-8/19

MDGC Nairobi Hosts the Merry Year Foundation, Key Millennium Village Partners

Getting to the Root of Africa’s Agriculture Challenges: TropAg and AfSIS Partner to Improve Soil Fertility

Remote Sensing Critical for Monitoring Drought

Is Biomass Really Renewable?

by |Aug 18|Energy

Tree Rings, Ecology and Culture in Mongolia

Hydraulic Fracturing: Resources for Journalists

The Flow of Change: Piped Water Arrives in Ruhiira, Uganda

Community Health Workers: Spokes of Change

Climate News Roundup: Week of 8/07

Atmospheric Scientists Win Early Career Awards

Mountaintop Removal: Laying Waste to Streams and Forests

Sewage Still Plagues Hudson River

Climate Underpinnings of East Africa Drought

Returning From Sea to Dutch Harbor

End of the Line – Good Byes to a Great Field Season in Peru

Climate News Round Up: Week of 8/1

Have We Crossed the 9 Planetary Boundaries?

Canadian Boreal: Protecting Today’s Water for Tomorrow

The Abatement Gap

The Less Thirsty Cars of the Future

JM Eagle CEO Walter Wang Tours Millennium Villages in East Africa

Good to the Last Drop: Mobile Tech to Advance Water Infrastructure in Africa

The Role of Drought in the Horn of Africa Famine

Swimming in Data Offshore Alaska

Climate News Roundup: Week of 7/18 and 7/25

Maintaining the Superiority of NYC’s Drinking Water

by |Jul 29|Water

Ultrasound Trainings Improve Maternal and Newborn Care at Kumasi Hospitals

ConEdison Renews Corporate Circle Membership

Throught-Provoking Words from Dr. Robert Pollack

Following Footsteps, Venturing Forward

A Human Right to Water – Can it Make a Difference?

New Gift to Support the Launch of the Carbon Management Program

Cooling the Former Frontier: Using Water to Save Energy

On the Subject of Dust

Boring Days at Sea are a Blessing

Undersea Clues to Haiti’s Earthquake History

The Year of Drought and Flood

Where Poverty is Extreme, but Where Girls’ Clubs Have Taught Participants the World Has Possibility

Somali Drought; Harbinger of Hard Times

Collecting Data Offshore Alaska, But Just Barely

Understanding GHG emissions: Stock vs. Flows

Going West

Climate News Roundup: Week of 7/10

The Fairytale of “Organic” Water

Unspooling Miles of Seismic Streamer Near the Shumagin Islands

Lurking Under Bangladesh: The Next Great Earthquake?

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Studying the Farthest-North Trees

Can the Oceans Keep Mopping Up Carbon Dioxide?

Fracking Gains Ground in New York

Climate News Roundup: Week of 7/4

Synthetic Biology: Creating New Forms of Life

Ancient mud from the high Andes

Summoning ocean bottom seismometers from the deep

Ripple Effect Author Talks Efficiency; Cleanup

New health and community facilities in Sauri

Climate information and disasters: two interviews

Water Scarcity: A Shared Problem With a World of Solutions

New working paper: Model Districts as a roadmap for scale-up

by |Jul 5|Health

Deploying Ocean Bottom Seismometers off Alaska

A typical day in the high Andes

Climate News Roundup: Week of 6/26

Wasting Food = Wasting Water

Users Invited to Test New SEDAC Web Site

Heading to Sea off Alaska Aboard the R/V Langseth (at last)

Climate Forecasting: Oceans, Droughts, Climate Change and Other Tools of the Trade

Yes, We Can Afford to Remove Carbon from Air

Understanding the Mind as the Temperature Climbs

Foreigners in a Strange Land

Finishing Up Onshore and Heading Offshore

Climate News Roundup: Week of 6/19

Updated Map Viewer Enables Visualization of Socioeconomic and Earth Science Data

Clean Water for Fiji

Into Thin(ner) Air – On Route to the Cordillera Carabaya

Climate-Ready Crops: The Pros and Cons

At the Feet of El Misti

Installing Seismic Gear On The Beautiful (But Challenging) Alaska Peninsula

Earth Institute Participates in First Ever mHealth Survey

Climate Information Crucial to Help Reduce Disaster Risk

Off to Lima, World’s Second Largest Desert City

How Far Can a Bicycle Take You in Uganda?

Cape May, New Jersey’s Battle Against Nature

The Alaska Peninsula from the Skies

Deciphering Past Climate Change in the High Andes

Mapping the Alaska Megathrust

Climate News Roundup: Week of 6/12

To the tip of the Andes

SEDAC Data Featured via New Discovery Tool

New Water-Smart Communities Prepare For a Water Scarce Future

Toxic Waters in the Gilded State

17th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference

Climate Change Threatens Fragile Ecosystem in the Andes

Hands-on Earth Science Book Wins Education Award

Climate and Health Workshop Photo Wrap Up

Losing Our Coral Reefs

by |Jun 13|Ecology

Climate News Roundup: Week of 5/30 and 6/6

A Call for One Million Community Health Workers

Time and Technology and the Really Down Deep

The Indiana Jones of Climate Modeling

Can Water Scarcity Bring Down a Government? Yemen Spirals Out of Control

Integrating Treatment for AIDS and Other Neglected Tropical Diseases

Making Room for Rivers: A Different Approach to Flood Control

by |Jun 7|Climate, Water

A Right, a Need, or an Economic Good? Debating our Relationship to Water

by |Jun 6|Water

Rhone Glacier Finely Tuned to Climate Changes

New working paper: India’s Decade of Development II

The Uncertainties of Groundwater and Climate in India: An Interview with Chandra Kiran Krishnamurthy

Young Citizens Lawsuit Seeks to Compel US Action on Climate Change

by |May 31|Climate

New Resource Center for Preservation of Geospatial Data

Tree Rings Open Door on 1,100 Years of El Niño

Why We Must Reconnect With Nature

by |May 26|Ecology

Hitting the Green in Cuba–Again

ISDRC 17: Recap of Sustainable Development Conference, Where Do We Go From Here

Empowering Girls through Literacy: Kisumu Girls’ Club Leader Honored at LitWorld Gala

R.I.P. La Niña

by |May 24|Climate

Rising Seas Pushing Island Nations to the Brink

Squeezing the Last Drops out of Sicily

Switchyard Project: A Very Successful Year

Science Education with Trees and Canoes

Climate News Roundup: Week of 5/15

Water-Saving Project in Punjab, India Reaches Out to Farmers Through Cooperatives

A Focus on the Thinning Northwest Greenland Glaciers

The Push to Dam China’s Rivers

The Confounding Economics of Natural Disaster Shocks

Apply for *NEW* Executive Courses in Conservation and Environmental Sustainability

Measuring Gravity From a Moving Aircraft Requires a ‘Gravi-God’!

Switchyard Project: Melting Ice, a Fresher Arctic

The American Climate Gap

Giving the Earth a Cool Shower–Is Massive Irrigation Hiding the Greenhouse Effect Around the World?

Attack of the Warzone Water Bottles

Witnessing time – from 445 million year old rocks exposed in the Fjords to ~4 thousand year old small ice caps

The Science Barge Demonstrates Sustainable Urban Farming

Climate News Roundup: Week of 5/08

Ohio and Mississippi River Floods in Photos

Post bin Laden, Working Toward Afghanistan’s Water Security

Earth, Water and Sky –A Conversation with Pierre Gentine, a new Columbia Water Center Scientist

Switchyard Project: New Sampling Record

Basic Health Care Doesn’t Have to Be of Basic Quality

Dealing with Mother Nature

Switchyard Project: Sampling Success

Clean Water vs. Cheap Energy: Can We Have Both?

Transporting Ice From Greenland’s Deep Interior

Climate News Roundup: Week of 5/01

Climate Clock is Ticking for Pinot Noir

How China Is Dealing With Its Water Crisis

Switchyard Project: Rescue Operation

A Warm Welcome to the New Baby Zebra at the Bronx Zoo

Switchyard Project: It’s all about the weather

Reusing Dirty Water

Here Comes the Flood: The Army Corps Prepares to Blow the Levees to Save Cairo, Illinois

Making Peace: New Book Provides Tools for Solving Intractable Conflicts

A chorus of bloggers passes the 1,000 mark on the Earth Institute’s State of the Planet

How to reduce weather risk (and make a little green)

Petermann Glacier: At a glacial pace?

What You Can Do to Protect Biodiversity

by |Apr 30|Ecology

Climate News Roundup: Week of 4/24

British Royals’ Green Wedding

Switchyard Project: Day 1 – Alert, Alert, Alert

Professor Jeffrey Sachs Extends Term as Director of the Earth Institute

Keeping America Competitive by Sparking Curiosity in the Classroom

‘One Yard Line’ For Cape Wind?

Portland Opposes a Federal Rule due to a “Unique Water Source”

Can Big Earthquakes Disrupt World Weather?

Switchyard Project: In Transit…Part 2

Switchyard Project: In Transit…Part 1

Switchyard Project: Tracking the Arctic Seascape

A 30 year history of measuring Greenland’s Breathtaking Vistas

Test Your Energy-Saving Savvy

Paulie, Jimmy and Vinny on NYC’s Water Future

New Study Maps Reactor Safety Worldwide

Mama kit: Every detail counts in fight for maternal health

The Middle East Dries Up—Another Case Study in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

La Niña Still Hanging On

by |Apr 26|Climate

Soaring Through the Southeastern Greenland Outlet Glaciers

Pennsylvania’s Gasland Spill

Climate News Roundup: Week of 4/17

“You are Misinformed”–Planning for Flood Regime Change

Web Diagramming Rocks: Paper Named Among 10 Best

Southern Louisiana’s Vanishing Act

Master of Science in Sustainability Management Application Deadline Approaching

Update: Youth-led Project H2O Continues to Inspire

Celebrating Earth and Reducing Our Impact

Climate News Roundup: Week of 4/10

Our newest Model District (in a state of 199 million people)

by |Apr 15|Health

Growing Up: Water Efficiency and Sunless Farming

Florence, HIV+ and her daughter, HIV negative: two faces of hope

Communicating with the Six Americas of Climate Change

Informing Farmers and Combating Drought in Mali

Millennium Villages Cookstove Program Honored for Supporting Community Needs

It takes a lot of instruments to collect ice measurements!

Two Climate and Society Students Chosen as Finalists for Prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship

by |Apr 12|Climate

Before the Flood—Predicting the Deluge

Climate News Roundup: Week of 4/03

Fracking Panel Comes to NYC

A Flood at Home More Motivational Than a Flood of Information

Jakobshavn Glacier continues to provide surprises!

To Burn, or Not to Burn

Slippery Snake Needs a Name

Of Earthquakes and Nuclear Reactors

Maybe Ben Franklin Was Wrong

Insuring the World’s Poorest Farmers

From Wastewater to Drinking Water

by |Apr 4|Water

Climate News Roundup: Week of 3/27

Colonel Qaddafi and the Great Man-made River

Lessons from the Japan Earthquake

Workshop on Mainstreaming Climate Change into Development

Inside the ISDRC: A Perspective of a Planner and Participant

Earth Hour: Making it Count

Biomimicry: Learning From Nature’s Genius

Fracking: What Lies Beneath?

Flying Over the Arctic, Collecting Data and Enjoying the View

Climate News Roundup: Week of 3/20

Haiti’s Charcoal Challenge

India is booming – so why are nearly half of its children malnourished? (Part 2)

by |Mar 24|Health

India is booming – so why are nearly half of its children malnourished? (Part 1)

by |Mar 24|Health

A Medical Mission to a Millennium City

Improving Climate Prediction in Africa

Celebrating World TB Day: Private Donations Pave Way for Progress on Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis in Mali

Cats and Wind Turbines – A Bird’s Two Greatest Fears

Climate Change to Exacerbate Rising Food Prices

White Paper Release: Addressing the Water Crisis in Gujarat, India

The State of Water in America

Ethanol’s Impacts on Our Water Resources

La Niña Subsiding, Atlantic Climate Phenomenon Forming

by |Mar 21|Climate

IceBridge Team Settles in the North

Climate News Roundup: Week of 3/13

A Dialogue Between Two Cities, New York and Shanghai

The Dangers of Palm Oil

Apply Now for Summer Ecosystem Experience for Undergraduates (SEE-U)

Still Time to Apply for Certificate in Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Program

A Solution to the Problem of Lawns?

Done in Khulna, back to Dhaka and then home

Crisis in Japan: Earth Institute Reactions

Learning From Japan’s Catastrophe

India’s progress towards the healthcare MDGs

by |Mar 14|Health

Why is Your Nitrogen Footprint Important?

Finishing up in Khulna

Climate News Roundup: Week of 3/06

A Community-based Approach to Combating Malnutrition: What It Looks Like and How to Evaluate It

by |Mar 11|Health

Millennium City and U.S. Students Chat and Read Aloud Online, Celebrating World Read Aloud Day

Microsoft and the Earth Institute Launch Rural Technology Lab in Mali

Changing Litterbugs One Wave at a Time

Finally getting it right

Lend me a Helping Trunk

Conservation in Alaska: If It Sounds Familiar…

by |Mar 8|Ecology

South Korean Delegates Visit Earth Institute, Look at Collaborative Efforts in Global Health

New York Times Raises Concerns about Hydrofracking

Frustration and Progress, again

The Fog Collectors: Harvesting Water From Thin Air

by |Mar 7|Water

Video: Climate and Public Health

At Bhandarkote, Khulna, the second site

Climate News Roundup: Week of 2/27

Irrigation Management and Global Water Supply

Disaster and moving on

CGHED’s Patricia Mechael featured on PBS NewsHour

The Rising Tide of Community Health Workers

Biodiversity and Health Extinction by Infection: Biodiversity makes a difference.

Finishing up in Jamalganj

EPA Under Attack

by |Feb 28|Climate

Climate Record Suggests Drier Times for Pacific Northwest

Up (roofs) and Down (wells)

Giant Jellyfish Swarms – Are Humans the Cause?

Climate News Roundup: Week of 2/20

A Natural Wonder Rediscovered

Delays and progress

Maori Values; Modern Solutions

On the Road to Jamalganj

CERC Symposium – Live Coverage on Twitter

Dead Baby Dolphins and The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Flood Impacts: Don’t Forget Other Factors

Arrival in Bangladesh: Assessing Risk of Natural Hazards

Giant CO2 Eruptions in the Backyard?

Climate News Roundup: Week of 2/13

Seawater Greenhouses Produce Tomatoes in the Desert

by |Feb 18|Water

La Niña Begins to Weaken

What is the Model Districts project?

Celebrating the end of the Antarctic field season

A Tentative Year for REDD+: Placing Value on Forests

Tea and Earthquakes

Knowledge is Power: ChildCount+, mHealth in Tanzania

Sustaining Life, Securing Our Future: A Symposium Celebrating the Diversity of Life on Earth

Columbia Climate Center Co-hosts Screening of HOME

by |Feb 15|Climate

Widening the World for Students

How Plants Could Impact Global Warming

Climate News Roundup: 2/6-2/11

Record-Breaking Amounts of Snow Raise Problems for Cities

Floods in Eastern Sri Lanka and North-Eastern Australia: Contrasts in Disaster Risk Management

Glacial deposits: A clue to reconstructing the history of the Antarctic ice sheet

Wild Oysters Deemed ‘Functionally Extinct’

Penguin With a Pocket Square of Blue

Columbia University’s Master of Arts program in Climate and Society

A Journalist’s Guide to Upcoming Scientific Fieldwork

Recruiting Tiny Organisms to Detect Water Pollution

by |Feb 8|Water

A New Look at Global Water Scarcity from Columbia Water Center

How to cross a crevasse zone on the Antarctic ice sheet

Aditya Birla Group and EDF Group Join the Earth Institute Corporate Circle

Finding Answers to the Worsening Water Crisis in Gujarat, India

The Red Queen and The Evolution of Sex

In the Arctic More Than Elsewhere, Things Are Heating Up

Solving Urbanization Challenges by Design – The Science of Green Roofs (part 2)

Moraines and spaghetti in the Transantarctic Mountains

Solving Urbanization Challenges by Design – The Science of Green Roofs

Setting up camp 184 miles from the South Pole

Michigan Case Demonstrates Growing Importance of Courts for Water Issues

Our Oceans: A Plastic Soup

by |Jan 26|Water

Hope for Biofuels in ‘Oilgae’?

La Niña Rolls On

Climate News Roundup: Week of 1/16

Desalination: Yesterdayʼs Solution (part 3)

by |Jan 21|Energy, Water

Survival training in Antarctica – aka Happy Camper

Despite Grim Water Futures, China and US Discuss Everything but Water

Desalination: Yesterdayʼs Solution (part 2)

by |Jan 19|Energy, Water

The Worsening Water Crisis in Gujarat, India

Desalination: Unlocking Lessons from Yesterday’s Solution (part 1)

by |Jan 17|Energy, Water

Could East River Tides Help Power NYC?

Carbon Capture, Policy Change, and My First Assignment

Protecting Our Waterways: The Waterkeeper Alliance

by |Jan 13|Water

Floods and Coal – The Water-Energy Nexus Redux

Helping Water Work for Women in Mali

Disasters, and the Traps of Poverty and Wealth

Timor-Leste: Sustainable Development Initiative Launched by the Vale Columbia Center in Partnership with the Revenue Watch Institute and the Open Society Foundations

E.P.A. Sued for Trying to Protect the Environment

Antarctic Impressions