2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

The Pitfalls of ‘Saving’ the Rainforest

by |December 16, 2009

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Ujala Qadir
Ujala Qadir

With regard to the fact that the percentage of carbon uptake by sinks is decreasing, I was wondering how important that is when you consider the amount stored not only in trees, but in the soil that is kept in tact below them. In the SAR, it was stated that in addition to the 330 Gt C that is stored in trees (both dead and alive and below and above ground), double that amount is stored in the soil below.

Jo Anderson
Jo Anderson

The very idea of measuring the carbon released by trees as a problem in this “equation” seems disturbing.

The climate issue is not because of trees. Mentioning this as a likely culprit, and weighing it as a legitimate and troublesome contributor disturbs me.

Are we missing something here?

Javier M. Claparols

Too much attention is on REDD and not on reducing CO2 emissions is very troubling. Even worse is allowing Indigenous Forest to be felled and Palm Oil and other PLANTATIONS classified as Forest!

Harry Jonas

While Natural Justice supports the development of social and environmental guidelines, such as those recently developed by WRI among others, we agree with you, Alex, that communities cannot rely on these instruments alone. Guidelines can only provide generic advice about how communities should be consulted about any intended REDD projects on their lands. Communities also require information about REDD and legal empowerment to advocate for their rights, as guaranteed by national law and/or set out in international instruments such as the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We propose that any REDD project be subject to the free,… Read more »

Jeanette Norman

Dear Earth Institute, A solution to the rainforest problem might be found in the second paragraph below–of which perhaps you can urge your readers to write to their representatives: People who have made correct predictions in the past, and/or have good BBB ratings, predict that another Great Depression could arise from the popping of our national debt and money printing bubbles. The latter could eventually cause hyper-inflation such as was seen in the early 1920’s Weimar Republic. We must stop printing more money—or we risk starvation, social unrest, and threats to our democratic freedoms. As for the national debt, I… Read more »