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American Geophysical Union 2018: Key Events From the Earth Institute

The Climate Talks Struggle While California Forges Ahead

This past weekend, the U.N. climate negotiators pulled an all-nighter in Poland and did just enough to keep the Paris climate accord from collapsing. Meanwhile, back in California, its Air Resource Board mandated a move toward an all-electric public bus fleet. The contrast is illuminating and provides a clear indication of how the climate crisis… read more

by |December 17, 2018
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How Can We Use the National Climate Assessment to Prepare for Climate Change?

While the Trump administration is doing its best to ignore recent findings, an upcoming report will focus on helping cities, states, and businesses develop mitigation and adaptation strategies.

by |December 14, 2018

Tackling Real-World Sustainability Challenges in the Senior Capstone Workshop Briefings

On December 7, upperclassmen in the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development presented their final briefings for their capstone workshop.

by |December 14, 2018
airplane from the NASA Atmospheric Tomography Mission

Africa: An Air Pollution Wildcard

Atmospheric scientists discover surprising levels and unexpected types of pollution that seem to be originating in Africa.

by |December 14, 2018
A DSNY spreader is loaded with salt at one of the city's 42 salt sheds.

Cutting the Salt in Winter Road Maintenance

As the capital and environmental costs of road salt continue to mount, has the time come to ask whether we’re putting too much of it on our streets?

by |December 13, 2018