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map of future flood levels in nyc

As Climate Warms, Plants May Demand More Water, Cutting Supplies for People

team members pose with award

Sustainable Development Undergrads Win Third Place In Circular Economy Competition

The Columbia team impressed retail executives and economic experts with its idea for a company that reuses and repurposes discarded furniture.

by |November 19, 2019
illustration of planet Earth burning

How Should Columbia Drive Climate Change Innovation?

The university asks students to collaborate on building a roadmap for climate response and a more sustainable future.

by |November 18, 2019

The Continued Attack on Federal Civil Servants

It will take many years to rebuild America’s institutions and norms and if we are not careful the stable, creative, high energy and path-breaking nation we inherited will slowly fade into the sunset.

by |November 18, 2019

Planet Earth May Have a Metabolism Problem

In a recent talk, a visiting scholar argued that Earth’s energy balance is out of whack, and it’s up to humanity to fix it.

by |November 15, 2019
linda sohl

Linda Sohl Reconstructs Climate Models to Help the Search for Alien Life

By taking regular climate simulations and making them weird, she explores Earth’s past and future, and imagines what other life-supporting worlds could look like.

by |November 14, 2019