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A Sustainable Strategy to Deal with Urban Poverty

by | 5.3.2013 at 5:10pm | 1 Comment
Photo credit: Fernando Arias

When architect Fernando Arias first arrived in Kumasi, Ghana last year, he saw unpaved roads, trash burning, garbage everywhere, and shoeless children running all around. He knew he needed to act on their behalf.

Green Films for Earth Day 2013

by | 4.18.2013 at 1:24pm | 1 Comment
Texas wind farmer Cliff Etheredge. Photo credit: Peter Byck

Mothers, carbon, trash, vanishing ice and “secret lives”: Watch a movie for Earth Day and learn.

What Happens to All That Plastic?

by | 1.31.2012 at 12:14pm | 22 Comments
Photo credit: Ars Electronica

Today Americans discard about 33.6 million tons of plastic each year, but only 6.5 percent of it is recycled and 7.7 percent is combusted in waste-to-energy facilities. What happens to all the rest of it?

Plasma Gasification: A Solution to the Waste Disposal Dilemma?

by | 7.8.2009 at 1:46pm | 11 Comments

Waste not, Want not? The source of this proverb is unknown, but I’m going to hazard a guess and say it wasn’t your average (modern) American. I say this because your average American runs through 56 tons of trash a year – including 500 plastic cups and 650 pounds of paper. If we were to []