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plastic waste in the ocean

We Can Sustainably Manage the Environment—But We Need to Work at It

The story of plastic pollution in our coral reefs makes it clear how important it is to sustainably manage our environment.

by |January 29, 2018

Environmental Science and Speaking Truth to Power

Denying the science of global warming is absurd, but accepting the science of climate change does not require decision-makers to accept the policy prescriptions of climate scientists.

by |January 4, 2017

EPA Spilled, but Didn’t Dump, the Toxics That Ended up in Colorado’s River

The short-term, expedient result of ignoring environmental impacts may be greater immediate profit for some, but the long-term impact is higher costs and lower profit, and many of those higher costs must be borne by all of us. Many of the companies that made the mess will be long gone before many of the bills come due.

by |August 17, 2015