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S2S Training with Kumasi schoolteachers.

MCI’s Signature S2S Program Kicks Off its Third Year with a Series of Trainings

MCI’s signature School2School Connectivity Project (S2S), a partnership with global communications giants Ericsson and Airtel Ghana, the City of Kumasi, Ghana, the Kumasi Metropolitan Education Directorate, Columbia University Teachers College and selected New York City public and private schools to teach the uses of the computer and the Internet in the teaching of the STEM… read more

by |November 1, 2012
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Keeping America Competitive by Sparking Curiosity in the Classroom

To keep America competitive in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the STEM disciplines), a report from the National Academy of Sciences calls for strengthening the skills of some 250,000 teachers across the United States through university-run science training programs. The report asserts that when teachers gain laboratory experience and conduct fieldwork alongside active researchers, they become more effective and passionate educators in the classroom.

by |April 28, 2011