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We Don’t Know All About Hurricanes–But We Know Enough to Act

by | 11.19.2012 at 10:04am
Hurricane Sandy Satellite Image

Sandy instantly brought a new kind of national media attention to the influence of global warming on weather disasters. After several years of near-silence on climate from our political leaders and the mainstream media, the renewed attention is profoundly welcome.

When the World Ended in Ice

by | 6.29.2012 at 12:02pm | 2 Comments
A classic map of the ice lobe that covered the New York metro area until the end of the last ice age. (R.D. Salisbury, 1902)

A mile or so of glacial ice covering much of North America and plowing down from the north once terminated in the New York metropolitan area, at a front stretching roughly from exit 13 on the New Jersey Turnpike (Rahway), on across southern Staten Island, the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, and northeastward through Long Island. But exactly when that ice started [...]