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On the Road with Kate & Maddy: America Talks about Water

by | 6.30.2014 at 3:04pm
Kate Burrows & Maddy Cohen

Both of us are interested in the intersection of the environment and public health, and we wanted to explore a public health issue about which we felt ignorant. Water kept coming up in our conversations, because we felt that while water is a global issue, it often gets overlooked domestically among our peers. As such, we put together a six-week cross-country road trip, along which we are collecting stories about regional water issues.

The Fracking Facts

by | 6.6.2014 at 1:25pm | 1 Comment
Aerial view of the Jonah natural gas field in Wyoming. Photo: Peter Aengst

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the controversial method for extracting natural gas, has become a hot button issue across the U.S. But let’s try to look objectively at its benefits and risks.

US Groundwater Declines More Widespread Than Commonly Thought

by | 3.17.2014 at 9:00pm | 3 Comments

Groundwater levels are dropping across a much wider swath of the United States than is generally discussed, according to a new report, suggesting that the nation’s long-term pattern of groundwater use is broadly unsustainable.

Upcoming Scientific Fieldwork: 2014 and Beyond

by | 2.25.2014 at 12:50pm
fieldguide feature pic crop3

Earth Institute field researchers study the planet on every continent and ocean. Projects are aimed at understanding the fundamental dynamics of climate, geology, ecology, human history and more. Here is a partial list of upcoming expeditions.

The End of Cheap Water?

by | 10.15.2013 at 11:34am | 4 Comments

Americans are paying more for water than they did a decade ago, even as water utilities fall into debt and water infrastructure deteriorates, according to a Columbia Water Center report.

The Boom of Hydraulic Fracturing

by | 5.22.2013 at 10:51am

Experts discuss the rise and boom of unconventional hydrocarbon extraction in the final Sustainable Development Seminar Series of the 2012-2013 academic year.

Water Risk in Unexpected Places

by | 5.20.2013 at 6:54pm | 2 Comments
An infographic by Veolia water based on the Columbia Water Center report shows areas in the United States with the greatest water risk.

A new report by the Columbia Water Center, produced with Veolia Water and Growing Blue, could help expose the real nature of water risk–even in places that most people think of as having plenty of water.

Water Security: Finding Solutions for a World at Risk

by | 3.28.2013 at 6:24pm | 2 Comments
Groundwater pumping accounts for as much as one-fifth of India's electricity consumption.

“This is a mess, and it is a mess that we have not attended to yet,” Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs said at a conference on water security held today at Columbia University. “Humanity is the driver, but we don’t have our hands on the steering wheel very much.”

Extreme Weather Adds Up to Troubling Future

by | 2.15.2013 at 11:32pm | 2 Comments
Richard Seager, AAAS 2013

Extreme weather and climate-related events already have cost the United States billions of dollars. A recent symposium focused on what we know about the causes and how changing climate affects agriculture, water supplies, wildlife and our economy.

Putting the Focus on ‘A Thirsty World’

by | 11.9.2012 at 4:12pm
"A Thirsty World"

The water documentary “A Thirsty World” combines French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s aerial photography with down-to-earth messages, a mélange that calls attention to problems of water security on a global scale.