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The Transformative Potential of Sustainability Education

The transition to a renewable economy requires education at every level. We need students in public and private schools to develop a deeper understanding of the global sustainability crisis, but we also need aspiring professionals and current professionals to develop the expertise needed to begin the transformation in real time, today.

by |August 31, 2015
Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic, constituting the northernmost part of Norway. The archipelago features an Arctic climate, although with significantly higher temperatures than other areas at the same latitude. Sixty percent of the archipelago is glacier, and the islands feature many mountains and fjords - Photo by Woodwalker.

Arctic Archipelago: Ground Zero For Climate Change

Summer temperatures on the archipelago of Svalbard, 400 miles north of Norway, are now higher than at any other period in the last 1,800 years, according to a new study in the journal Geology.

by |November 8, 2012

Practicum Introduces Students to Earth Institute Research

Each fall the Earth Institute offers a unique insight into the cutting-edge research of institute centers and units and the policy implications of that research in the Earth Institute Practicum. The practicum provides an opportunity to learn about issues in sustainable development, sustainability management and environmental science from faculty and researchers in these areas.

by |August 31, 2012