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MS in Sustainability Management Maya Ezzeddine

Improving Buildings to Reduce Energy Demand

Maya always had an interest in sustainable cities and passive building design. Because buildings make up a third of the world’s energy consumption, she believes that focusing on improving our buildings can have a significant effect on our global energy demand.

by |February 4, 2016

Faculty Profile: Marianne Lado

“In today’s world, whether we think about the local, regional, national or even international settings, tackling sustainability requires consideration of the communities most affected by environmental degradation and ensuring that community members have meaningful opportunities to participate in decisions affecting their lives.”

by |January 20, 2016
MS in Sustainability Management professor Susan Blaustein

Faculty Profile: Susan Blaustein

With more than half of the world now living in cities, and well over half of that number living in urban poverty, Professor Blaustein believes that humanizing the city – making it livable for women and families- is a key factor in ensuring its sustainability.

by |January 12, 2016
Low w grads

Executive Director’s Office Internship

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student at Columbia or Barnard interested in sustainability and the environment? Are you looking for a paid internship for the spring semester? Apply by Friday, January 15, 2016, to intern in the Executive Director’s office at the Earth Institute.

by |January 4, 2016
Current MS in Sustainability Management student Alia'a Harun

Focusing on Ecosystems to Reduce Disaster Risks

Current Master of Science in Sustainability Management student Alia’a Harun was drawn to the program because of the interdisciplinary approach towards a pragmatic implementation of sustainability. Alia’a has a background in Ecology and is looking for ways to apply hard value onto the natural environment and its services.

by |December 31, 2015

Student Profile: Danny Giddings

After two years of service with the United States Peace Corps, Danny Giddings was eager to expand his knowledge of the various environmental, economic, and social issues involved in agricultural production. For Danny, the MPA ESP program offered the perfect combination of environmental policy with education in hard sciences.

by |December 21, 2015
James Kocher_FI

Teaming Technology and Clean Energy

Alum James Kocher (MSSM ‘13) works in the photovoltaics monitoring sector where he helps clients measure and analyze photovoltaic (PV) solar production. James currently designs and implements data monitoring systems for large commercial and utility scale PV projects.

by |December 17, 2015

MPA-ESP Alum Serves as Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

For Justin Mankin, the MPA in Environmental Science and Policy program helped expose his passion for environmental science. Mankin is currently serving as an Earth Institute postdoctoral fellow and research scientist, where he is focusing on climate variability.

by |December 8, 2015

Student Profile: Stav Gilutz

For Stav Gilutz, the MPA in Environmental Science and Policy program offered the perfect mix of hard sciences and networking opportunities to complement her legal background and interest in environmental activism. She hopes to apply her skills to management of an environmental non-profit.

by |November 20, 2015
Current MS in Sustainability Management Student Jocelyn Gan

Effective Communication Helps Lower Energy Use

Current Master of Science in Sustainability Management student Jocelyn Gan is a programs associate at Building Energy Exchange. In this role, Jocelyn manages the Daylight Hour social media campaign, an annual event that encourages offices to turn off the lights for one hour in day-lit spaces.

by |November 12, 2015