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Maps Made for Disaster Management

Newly redesigned interactive mapping tools are helping the Red Cross make planning and operational decisions ahead of droughts and extreme weather.

by |September 10, 2013

Visual Skateboarding

“You can do math on excel?” I ask. I immediately imagine a face-palm response, but Dario, one of my advisors, is nice enough to hide it. I’ve collected tree core samples, I’ve prepared them and cross-dated them. Now what? Oh, right. The Science.

by |April 5, 2013

Data’s Power to Spur Environmental Progress

In January, 132 countries received their environmental report cards. The Environmental Performance Index has goaded leaders into action by letting them see their countries’ strengths and weaknesses compared to other countries.

by |February 14, 2012
Image of the waters of Namibia

Seeking the Signal in the Noise of Environmental Performance Metrics

The 2012 Environmental Performance Index is a powerful tool for diagnosing trends not just across countries but over time, too. Consider what we can learn about overfishing, for example.

by |January 27, 2012