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Hotter Temperatures Will Accelerate Migration of Asylum-Seekers to Europe, Says Study

If carbon emissions hold steady, a new study in Science predicts that the European Union could face a massive influx by 2100.

by |December 21, 2017

How Bad Will this El Niño Be? Worse Than You May Think

Today’s El Niño is unfolding over a world that is in many ways more vulnerable than the world of 1997-1998. Just as today’s climate continues to generate extremes without historical precedent, we are starting to see elements of social vulnerability also without historical precedent. That is an alarming combination.

by |November 20, 2015

The Paris Climate Summit: Resources for Journalists

Many experts at Columbia University’s Earth Institute are attending or closely watching the Paris climate summit. These include world authorities on climate science, politics, law, natural resources, national security, health and other fields, who can offer expert analysis to journalists. Here’s a guide to resources that journalists covering the summit can tap.

by |November 13, 2015

Linking Climate, Security and Development to Fragility in Haiti

As part of the Fall 2014 Haiti Dialogue Series organized by the Earth Institute’s Haiti Research and Policy Program, a group of faculty, researchers, students and policymakers gathered to discuss the latest research linking climate change, natural hazards, development and fragility in Haiti.

by |December 11, 2014

New Seminar Focuses on Links Between Environment, Conflict and Security

The Earth Institute is launching a new interdisciplinary seminar to help business and policy leaders better understand the connections between environmental stresses, natural resources and conflicts.

by |June 9, 2014

Identifying Teaching and Training Tools on Peacebuilding, Fragile States and Natural Resource Management

The Earth Institute at Columbia University hosted a two-day workshop that brought together practitioners, trainers, and academics to explore innovative approaches to teaching and training on natural resources management in fragile states and peacebuilding contexts. The workshop concluded with a clear statement: current academic and training programs do not provide a coherent methodology for students and practitioners to adequately face the challenges posed by the confluence of fragile states, climate risks, natural resources, conflict, and peacebuilding.

by |September 3, 2012

Our Weatherbeaten Nation

When it comes to climate, data, research and problem-solving are taking a back seat to ideology, sentiment and politics. There is a great sense of disdain and suspicion right now for the liberal scientific elite in a significant portion of the U.S. population, and I’m afraid the feeling is often mutual. What can be done?

by |September 20, 2011
Woman scoops water from a trough.

Climate-Security Linkages Lost in Translation

Contrary to recent news stories, the possibility that climate change might trigger conflict remains very real.

by |September 13, 2010

Climate and the Border: Why Rising Temperatures Will Add Immigration Challenges

When experts warn of the consequences of global climate change, they usually cite impacts on natural systems. They tell us that ice caps will melt, sea levels will rise, extreme weather will become more common, droughts will increase in frequency, oceans will become more acidic and so on. In recent years, we have also come… read more

by |August 12, 2010

Do I Want It in My Backyard? Yes I Do!

Coining a new phrase is a great way to change an old attitude, was my initial thought when I first read about “YIMFY” or “yes in my front yard”, a phrase introduced in a report from the International Energy Agency. It is a play on the well-known negative “not in my back yard”, but in… read more

by |January 12, 2010