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Save EPA

Until now, Administrator Pruitt has been an enemy of EPA, but he has a chance to change the narrative and demonstrate that his conservative principles are consistent with the goals of environmental protection. I hope he decides to save EPA and serve the American people.

by |February 20, 2017
wind farm at dusk

Renewable Energy With or Without Climate Change

While renewable energy will go a long way to addressing the climate change issue, its development does not require a concern for climate change. The argument for renewable energy is that it is the logical next phase of technological development.

by |February 13, 2017

The Importance of Regulating Lead in Drinking Water

Many schools are being tested for lead in their water. But what about the libraries, hospitals, offices and old apartment buildings? As I observe the new president and his EPA designee, I worry about the adverse effect deregulating environmental protection would have on our families. There is more work to do if we are to truly understand the impact of human technology on the environment and public health.

by |February 6, 2017

Ideology and Environmental Protection

With the phrase “climate change” disappearing from U.S. federal government websites and increased talk of regulatory overreach, it is obvious that protecting the environment will continue to be a fault line in American political ideology. However, though ideology will shape the nature and speed of response, the environmental problem is real and cannot be ignored.

by |January 30, 2017

Millennials Looking for a Place in the Emerging Green Economy

Among our student body there is a deep sense of unease with the direction of the U.S. federal government, but that is coupled with a high degree of confidence in the importance of the emerging green economy. Over the next several years, many of our graduates will be avoiding the U.S. federal government and devoting their brainpower to nonprofits, local governments and the private sector.

by |January 23, 2017

The Distracted, Dysfunctional Presidential Transition and the EPA

The presidential transition process will continue to contain distractions, disinformation and dysfunction, but my hope is that the people running our national government remember that we need clean air, water and food to live. Government’s fundamental function is ensuring our security and health. Environmental rules must be enforced for that function to be performed.

by |January 17, 2017
96th Street Station of the Second Avenue Subway Line. (

The Second Avenue Subway: Another Small Piece of the Sustainable City

On New Year’s Day 2017, the impossible took place and the first phase of a new Second Avenue subway line in New York City was finally opened. Governor Cuomo demonstrated what visible, positive public leadership could accomplish.

by |January 9, 2017

Environmental Science and Speaking Truth to Power

Denying the science of global warming is absurd, but accepting the science of climate change does not require decision-makers to accept the policy prescriptions of climate scientists.

by |January 4, 2017
broken water pipe

Paying for Infrastructure

Privatization is seen by some as a way of rebuilding America’s infrastructure more efficiently than public sector reconstruction, but experience with privatization is mixed. Sometimes it works well; sometimes it doesn’t.

by |December 28, 2016

Will Trump Administration Remember Environment While Boosting Economy?

The year 1970 is the year that Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency and the United States enacted the Clean Air Act, establishing national standards for clean air. Nearly half a century later, America’s population and economy are both much larger than they were back then, while our air pollution is lower. As Mr. Trump’s anti-regulatory EPA nominee Scott Pruitt packs his bags for D.C., I hope he takes some time to check out what’s happening to the air in China.

by |December 19, 2016