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Conference on Sustainable Development Practice Sept. 17-18

by | 7.30.2014 at 4:45pm
Bineta Diop, International Conference on Sustainable Development Practice

The Global MDP Association and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network are hosting the 2nd Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development Practice at Columbia University in New York City on Sept. 17 and 18.

Sustainable Development Spring 2014 Workshop Briefings

by | 7.29.2014 at 3:33pm
7_30_14 872

Last spring, students in the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development identified real solutions for sustainability issues as part of their Capstone Workshop in Sustainable Development. Under the guidance of professors Stuart Gaffin and Radley Horton, students worked as consultants for the United States Military Academy at West Point and McEnroe Organic Farm. On May 8, students gathered to present their final briefing to Columbia University students, faculty and staff.

Indian Government Takes Steps on Agriculture, Water, Climate

by | 7.23.2014 at 9:43am
Cabinet Secretariat of India. Image Source: Wikipedia.

In terms of the urgent need to reform agriculture, address climate change and promote sustainable watershed development, the Indian government’s new budget provides for a number of promising initiatives.

Pedal Power: The Earth Institute and Climate Ride

by | 7.22.2014 at 10:07am
Climate Ride participants celebrating the end of their ride from New York City to Washington, D.C.

Once again this year the Earth Institute is a beneficiary of Climate Ride, the national bike ride to raise charitable donations for and awareness about sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes. Participants can select the Earth Institute as a grant recipient when riding in any 2014 Climate Ride event, and anyone can support one or more riders with a donation toward their personal fundraising goals for the event.

Glacier Marks on Mount Chirripó

by | 7.9.2014 at 4:39pm
Max 7.2

On his sixth day on Mount Chirripo, Lamont’s Max Cunningham finds clues of the mountain’s origins and evolution.

Back to Mount Chirripó

by | 7.8.2014 at 12:14pm
Max 6.5

On their fifth day of fieldwork on Mount Chirripo, Lamont’s Max Cunningham and Mike Kaplan encounter some deeply weathered boulders.

On the Road with Kate & Maddy: America Talks about Water

by | 6.30.2014 at 3:04pm
Kate Burrows & Maddy Cohen

Both of us are interested in the intersection of the environment and public health, and we wanted to explore a public health issue about which we felt ignorant. Water kept coming up in our conversations, because we felt that while water is a global issue, it often gets overlooked domestically among our peers. As such, we put together a six-week cross-country road trip, along which we are collecting stories about regional water issues.

A Quick Retreat from ‘Mountain Lion’ Savannah

by | 6.17.2014 at 12:03pm
Max 5.3

On their fourth day on Mount Chirripo, Lamont’s Max Cunningham and Mike Kaplan explore an unusual valley and find the spot where a lion apparently killed someone.

Landslide Up Close

by | 6.16.2014 at 12:31pm
Max 4.4

On their third day on Mount Chirripo, Lamont geologists Max Cunningham and Mike Kaplan discover remnants of a mysterious landslide.

UN Includes Comprehensive Oceans Goal in the Sustainable Development Goals

by | 6.13.2014 at 11:49pm

The 12th Session of the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG SDG) will take place at the UN in New York City on June 16-20. An important opportunity is unfolding for the SDG process to contribute to the health and prosperity of our oceans and seas.