2013 - State of the Planet

Splicing the Role of Genetics in Conservation

Research Questions in Urban Ecological Sustainability

ESP Program Partners with AmeriCorps

New Predictions of Climate Change’s Impact on Agriculture

Spring 2014 Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities

Training for Best Sustainable Practices in Extractive Industries

ESP Alum Focuses Career on Clean Energy Solutions

Explore the Arctic Ocean With ‘IceTracker’

Map Your Food

Students and Staff Discuss Environmental Stewardship for Campus

AGU 2013: Social Science Perspectives on Natural Hazards

The R/V Marcus G. Langseth: Ocean Explorer

2013 Student Advisory Council Environmental Summit

2014 Millennium Village Summer Internships

Climate Change and the Future of Mono Lake

AGU 2013: Key Events From the Earth Institute

IRI@AGU: Schedule of Events + Q&As

Rising Seas Pose a Growing Threat to Coastlines

Climate Training for Development Professionals

New Course to Feature Leading Sustainability Practitioners

The Beginning of Peace?

Third International Conference on Climate Services

Sustainability Ethics and Metrics

China’s Great Wall Station, Antarctica

West Meets East – Antarctic Forum

The Rebuild by Design Challenge

Kick Off the Holiday: It’s Giving Tuesday

Certificate Program in Conservation and Sustainability Spring Courses

ESP Students Audit Campus Waste

Can an Expedition to Antarctica Promote Widespread Change?

How We Put Our Spreadsheets Where Our Stomachs Are

Fire on the Mountain, Fire in the ‘Burbs

Connecting Students, Alumni at Annual Networking Day

Apply Now for Spring Curriculum Grading Assistant Posts

Sustainability Management Student Expands Career View

GlaxoSmithKline Supports African Health Workers Campaign

Is Sustainability Sustainable in a Post-Bloomberg NYC?

The State and Future of Congestion Pricing in China

Perspective: Q&A with Development Practitioner Ignacio Urrutia

The Dinosaurs’ Demise Up Close

Getting Beyond the Climate Change Echo Chamber

Artists, Scientists Match up at ‘Speed Dating’ Event

Students Explore the World of Corporate Sustainability

Losing Leaf Peepers: the Effect of Climate Change on Fall Color

Night-time Lights Can Help Illuminate Trends in Urbanization

When the Sahara Turned to Sand

On Nov. 12, Meet Climate Models in New York City

MS Students Focus on Newark’s Sustainability Action Plan

ESP Alum Pursues Career in Environmental Law

Artist/Scientist Speed Dating Event on Nov. 6

Just How Effective is Green Infrastructure?

CUriosity3: Intersection Between Arts and Sciences

Program on Child Well-Being and Resilience

The Hottest Thing Since the Hadean Eon

Perspective: A Q&A with Development Practitioner Sarah Curran

A Different Climate Change Message, on Stage Nov. 2-3

Myanmar: a New Frontier for Sustainable Development

Sustainability Management Alum Works to Implement Rio+20 Promises

Spring 2014 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Positions

Visit Ecosystems in Brazil, India, or Jordan This Summer

Sustainable Development Seniors Gain Experience as Consultants

The End of Cheap Water?

Shedding Light on Rural Africa: A New Partnership

Nature-Inspired Robots

Buried Treasure: Unexpected Finds and the Value of Museum Collections

The Arctic’s Secret Garden

Faculty Profile: Rohit Aggarwala

MPA Students Leave Their Mark on New York City Rooftops

Postdoc Crosses Disciplines to Put Theory to Practice

Lessons From Front Lines of Climate Change

Prime Minister of Haiti and Liberia’s Minister of Finance Co-Host Fragile States Dialogue Series

Resource Consumption — the Ultimate Bubble?

Emerging Use Cases for Digital Soil Nutrient Maps of Ethiopia

Exploring New Zealand Climate Change in Groundwater

Sustainability Certification in Aquaculture: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

ESP Alum Pursues Career in International Sustainable Development

Passion for Recycling Propels CC Graduate’s Career

MS Alum Banks on Sustainability Management Skills

“Green Bling” and Other Sustainable Architecture Insights

Change Lives and Change the World.

What Comes After 2015? The Next Set of Goals

Students Explore Sustainable Agriculture at McEnroe Farm

MS Students Implement Energy Management Initiatives as EDF Climate Corps Fellows

Riding for Climate with Mom and Mr. Shark

A Tip of the Psychological Scales, and What it Means for Conservation Efforts

In Courts, Not Much Debate Over Climate Science

The Pluvial Continues… Has the Long Rain Epoch Begun?

Fall Semester Kicks-off with a Welcome Mixer

Finding Threatened Animals New Homes

A Fellow’s Story: Crossing Oceans, Breaking Boundaries

Aquanaut Summer Interns Dive Deeper into Research

Columbia Aquanauts Hope Passion for Water Issues Has Ripple Effect

Maps Made for Disaster Management

Summer Heat Wave May Have Triggered Landslide on Lonely Alaskan Glacier

Climate Change Will Bring More Surprises to Security Community

Internships in the Office of Academic and Research Programs

Internship Opportunities with the Earth Institute Director’s Office

M.S. Students Develop Communication Platform for Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment

ESP Alum Brings Policymaking Skills to Consulting Firm

Q&A: Climate Change, Drought and the Future

Gift Launches New Research Program on Sustainability

ESP Students Present Research Results at Final Presentations

From Consulting to Cycling: MSSM Alumni Join Climate Ride

Di-BOSS: the World’s First Digital Building Operating System

ESP Students Combine Classroom Learning with Outdoor Exploration

Faculty Profile: Phil LaRocco

On Gulf Coast, Organizing Youth to Face Disaster

Students Travel to Belize through Earth Institute Course Support Funding

What We Learned From Hurricane Sandy

Building Resilience: Post-Sandy Resources for Journalists

After Sandy: Climate and Our Coastal Future

Seismology as Performance Art

Surface Views of the Southern East Africa Rift Inspire a Look Underground

ESP Students Focus on Water Treatment Processes

Sustainable Strategies for The Climate Group

Notes from an Increasingly Lonely Planet: Humongous Killer Viruses and the New Life Form

Obama’s Climate Legacy Depends on EPA’s Gina McCarthy

Tackling an Ice Age Mystery

Analysis of Spatial Data Combined with Teen Pregnancy Rates May Provide Increased Insights

MPA Students Engage with Professionals

From Laughter to Linear Regressions

Imaging beneath the southernmost volcanoes in the East Africa Rift

Only 144 Miles, Yet Worlds Apart

Conservation & Environmental Sustainability – Fall 2013 Courses

Sustainability Management Faculty Identified as ‘Champion of Change’

Gone Fishing…Took IcePod!

The Intensifying Debate Over Genetically Modified Foods

Charting the Course to a Renewable Energy Future

‘Lipreading’ the Icesheet

Climate-Vulnerable Species in Need of Conservation Attention

A Moon Holiday to Get Away From It All

Closed Loop Advisors Certified as a B Corporation

Cicadas Leave Trail of Dead Leaves

MPA Students Tour Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Sustainable Intensification, Jumbo Shrimp, and Peacekeeper Missile: Which of these is an Oxymoron?

Climate Forecasts: A Vital Tool for Policymakers

World Population Projected to Cross 11 Billion Threshold in 2100

Urban Trees Fight CO2 Emissions

MPA Students Tour Gowanus Canal

Mysterious Honeybee Deaths Remain Unsolved

Birds, Ballasts, and the Fate of the Biosphere

Photo Essay: High Desert, Deep Earth

Ancient Rocks, Modern Purpose

MPA Students Present Mid-Semester Briefings

In Ethiopian Desert, a Window into Rifting of Africa

What’s the Real Story With Clean Coal?

Faculty Profile: Benjamín Bostick

Strange Bedfellows in the Climate Change Saga: Taiga to Tundra

Science in the Streets

Designing the Future at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Industrial Park

Chasing Tornadoes: A Close Call with a Deadly Storm

The Significance of Stunting

Finding Solutions to Environmental Conflict: Q&A With Josh Fisher

Managing Water in a Dry Land

Tides Play a Role in Triggering Undersea Earthquakes

Strange Bedfellows in the Climate Change Saga: The Quest for the Arctic Wolf

Climate Effects on NYC May Move Faster Than Previously Forecast

400 ppm World, Part 2: Rising Seas Come with Rising CO2

ESP Alum Employs Program Skills in Environmental Finance Work

400 ppm World, Part 1: Large Changes Still to Come

Maintaining large-scale biodiversity is critical for ecosystem health

Climate in the Peruvian Andes: From Early Humans to Modern Challenges

The Environment as a Tool for Peace in the Middle East

M.S. Students Propose Solution to Urban Food Waste

Lamont Scientist Featured in Antarctic Climate Change Documentary

Mapping Flood Exposure in Southwest Haiti

Red to Dead: Not As Simple As It Seems

MPA in Environmental Science and Policy Welcomes the Class of 2014

Making the First 1,000 Days Count: EI Partners with TABLE FOR TWO

What Anthropologists Can Do About Climate

A Tale of Sea Ice, Algae and the Arctic

MS Graduate Aims to Create Sustainable Solutions through Biomimicry

Unpacking Preconceptions

Congratulations to the MPA in Environmental Science & Policy Class of 2013

Science, Creativity and Isopods

Students Travel to Jordan and Israel to Learn About Environmental Issues

Making Green Behavior Automatic

Congratulations to the MS in Sustainability Management Class of 2013

Ctene Sensations of the Arctic Ocean

The Boom of Hydraulic Fracturing

by |May 22|Climate, Energy

Farmers in Senegal Use Forecasts to Combat Climate Risks

Water Risk in Unexpected Places

Collecting Core Data About Arctic Ecosystems

What Lies Beneath Arctic Ice?

National Grid Joins the Corporate Circle

Ice Capades

Roads: An Essential Element of Development

Auction Proceeds to Benefit the Millennium Villages

Identifying Capacity Building Needs for the Government of Haiti

Students Work on Net Zero Energy to Adaptation Planning Projects

M.S. Student Learns the Importance of Form and Function through Sustainable Design Courses

Settling in to Work and Life in Barrow

Measuring the Effect of China’s Arctic Interests

The Microgrid Solution

Of Cow Dung, Cook Stoves and Sustainability in Practice

ESP Student Craves Career in Sustainable Food Systems

Investigating Life in Arctic Sea Ice

Building the Team

Photo Essay: Mongolia, Ancient and Modern

Climate and Conquest: How Did Genghis Khan Rise?

IUCN Red List for Ecosystems Steps Up Biodiversity Conservation

Seeking Solutions for Haiti’s Primary Education Challenges

The Sahel Is Getting Wetter, But Will It Last?

Capstone: Hands-on Solutions to Real-World Problems

Out of the Woods

Students Present Innovative Solutions to Clients’ Challenges

A Sustainable Strategy to Deal with Urban Poverty

Gone to Sea No More

Talking Data-Driven Development with Haiti’s Prime Minister

Students Tour Via Verde, New York’s Most Sustainable Urban Housing in the Bronx

Passion for Climate Change Issues Propels M.S. Student’s Career

Contest Aims to Bring ‘Dark Data’ into Digital Archives

Until We Get It Right

Weaving the Data Strands Together

‘Chasing Ice’: Watching History Unfold, and Disappear

MS Student Applies Sustainability Management Skills to CDP

A Healthy Collaboration

An Ice Landing

Trouble in America’s Water Paradise

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Raven Camp

Join Us in Honoring One of the Founders of Earth Day

Greenland Welcomes Icepod and the 2013 Science Season

Students Share Findings from Global Research

Green Films for Earth Day 2013

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development Teaching Assistant Positions

Human Geography, Volcanoes, Microgrids and More…

Women & Sustainability Group Hosts Panel on Sustainable Investing

Closing the Loop: Technology and Sustainability Event

A Partnership to Promote Change: Climate Ride and the Earth Institute

Fossil Fuels Do Far More Harm Than Nuclear Power

Certificate Student Builds Green Roofs

Earth Institute Summer 2013 Internships

MS Student Uses Blogging to Improve the Urban Food System

New Report Examines Impacts of Environmental Indicators and Indices

Careers in Earth Science

Climate and Society Students ‘Develop’ Research for NASA, IRI

With 1,000 Days Left to Reach MDGs, a Look Back and Forward

Bright Lights, Big City?

Visual Skateboarding

Faculty Profile: Jason Smerdon

Plumbing the Deep Ocean Floor

Sustainability Management Student Enhances Energy Efficiency Work

Singing the Blues About Water Scarcity

Greenhouse Gases Like Steroids for Extreme Weather

Phosphorus: Essential to Life—Are We Running Out?

A Library of Giant Landslides

Where’s My Seasonal Tornado Forecast?

Undergraduate Students Working Toward Sustainable Solutions

I’ll Go on a Cross-Date if You Show Me Some Rings

Water Security: Finding Solutions for a World at Risk

Partnering to Expand Access to Water: PepsiCo and CWC Announce Achievement of Safe Water Goal

IRI to develop climate adaptation tools to help farmers in South and Southeast Asia

MPA Alum Leads Cleveland’s Local Sustainability Initiatives

Columbia University to Monitor NYC Waterways

IRI Names New Deputy Director

MS Student Earns Recognition as Corporate Social Responsibility Leader

The Art / Science Dating Game

Culture and national identity, a long-term investment in Haiti’s development

The Law of Drowning Nations

MS Alum Seeks Safer Chemical Policies

NY State Prepares for Natural Disasters: A Q&A with Cynthia Rosenzweig

ESP Students Share Mid-Semester Findings

Emerging TB Treatments Require New Paradigm for Drug Classification

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Pedaling to Power a Movement: An Invitation to Join Climate Ride 2013

Spring Courses in Conservation, Ecology & Policy

GHG Emissions From the Comfort of Home

Changing Temperatures, Extremes and Hydroclimate – Wednesday, March 13 at 4:00 pm

Faculty Profile: Ben Cook

Tenth Annual All Ivy Career Fair Draws Top Students and Sustainability Recruiters

A New Primer on Sea Level

Former Fulbright Scholar Explores Science of Sustainability

Discussing Climate, Cities and Food

A Road Map Toward Better Understanding of Global Environmental Change

Sustainability Skills Seminar: Lifecyle Assessment

‘Are You Using This Idea for Your Thesis Research?’ [UPDATE]

MPA Student Has Eye on Future in Sustainable Development

Geocharts: Water Challenges Around the World

Sustainability Management Alumna Presents a Post-Sandy Flood Insurance Perspective

Upcoming Scientific Fieldwork: A Guide

Overcoming Challenges to Local Development in Haiti

Growing A Green Career

Valentine’s Day at the Newtown Wastewater Treatment Plant

Putting Sustainability into Practice- EcoPracticum

Jamuna River

Sustainability Management Student Inspired to Combat Climate Change

ESP Alum Scales Up Involvement with Earth Institute

Brahmaputra chars

Keeping Track: the State of the Planet

Author: Haiti Relief Lacking in Long-Term Solutions

Tensiometers in Punjab

Urban Agriculture and the Damage From Storm Sandy

Achieving Sustainable Water, Energy and Agriculture in Gujarat, India

Sampling The Ganges

Extraordinary Support for Sustainable Development

Study Environmental Sustainability in the Middle East this Summer

Making Sense of Climate’s Impact on Food Security

Extreme Weather Adds Up to Troubling Future

Decision Making Under Uncertainty at AAAS

Unplanned Time in Dhaka

MS Alum Applies Program Skills to Fortune 500 Company

MPA Student Hopes Program is the Recipe for Success

Resistivity in Comilla

Wrapping up in Sylhet

Improving Seeds to Meet Future Challenges


Conclave in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Sustainability Management Program Announces Fellowship Program for Fall 2013

Migration in Risk-Prone Areas

IcePod Clears Hurdles and Takes to the Air

Klaus Lackner Takes Step Toward Workable Carbon Capture Technology

Faculty Profile: Naresh Devineni

MPA Student Leads SIPA Sustainability Efforts

Cat Puns, Scientists and Social Media

MS Alum Transitions from Hotel Management to Forest Conservation

Faculty Profile: Judy Sandford

Welcoming a New Instrument for ‘Probing’ the Polar Regions

Coral Reef Ecology: Bermuda – Spring Break Course

Rosario’s Farm: Rising Tides, Shrimp from the Forest

Bogged Down in Alaska

Summer Opportunities for Columbia Students at UN Environment Programme

What Obama Can and Should Do About Climate Change

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2013 Millennium Villages Project Internships

Recovering ‘Sea Spiders’ and Heading Home

MS in Sustainability Management Program Reaches 100 Alumni

Changing Household Behavior to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Santa Comes Bearing an OBS

Teaching Experience Influences Student to Pursue MPA

What Dust May Have To Do With Earth’s Rapidly Warming Poles

Spring 2013 Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions

Earth Institute Spring 2013 Internships

The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Wetlands

Wildlife: The Other High-Value Resource

Aquanauts Take on New York Water Issues

Explore Field Ecology in Puerto Rico